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Originally Posted by Giovane View Post
Meh, the same old discussion and the same old shit (yes Sushi, atroucious again, I know)... Just bring Badstuber into discussion and it will be perfect...

Okay, his tackle vs. BATE didn't needed to happen, maybe his other handballs either, although I have my share of doubts on those decisions, but this was A REFLEX to protect his face and the ball mainly hit his shoulder, his hand there was irrelevant... A bullshit call, why oh why most of you must add this to the rule? I will requote Trim if you didn't catch it the first, the second or the third time:

This discussion didn't even had to happen - but some of us were provoked on bringing this yet again on Boateng while this ref clearly lost his marbles in this game...

I've read that Boateng is a liability and this kind of behaviour could cost us the final? Yes, every player's individual mistake could, not just his, but if you have that kind of doubts about him just chech his performances this season, especially before his injury or last month or two, particulary against Barca... Considering his age his mistakes are rare and he IS turning into a beast CB; really knocking on WC level... Anyone who tries to deny that is blind and I will laugh in his face in the close future...

And about DvB, I can't resist to jump into this bullshit discussion:

DvB is nowadays solid but I can't imagine Lewandowski going around Boa or Dante like he did twice around DvB on saturday... It's not because I hate DvB, actually, I like him as a stalwart, great character (atleast what we can see in the media) and a strong locker room presence but those two times Lewa has gotten around him reminded me of the Milito case... And those are very sad and unpleasent memories...

DvB has had his share of massive fuckups but he has played defense in a very very very weak setup of defensive players (Micho, Breno, Ottl, Lell, Oddo) most of the time and that had a share in those fuck-ups... But my opinion is he wouldn't stopped Milito on his best day while playing with Dante or Hummels because he never had speed or motoric abilities and he certanly didn't grew them and has them now... He is gonna be raped again by Lewa or Reus unfortunately and in his age and considering his loyalty and affection towards FCB he doesn't deserve that kind of responsability... He mustn't be put in that situation!

Don't kid yourselves, he is a solid CB nowadays but he isn't WC, never was even close... He uses his experiance well and knows how to function in a great defensive setup, he knows how to use his abilities while hide his weaknesses but he can do it only against teams that don't have a fast WC attackers and WC strikers... And we all know BVB has them and thankfully Lewa on saturday didn't cashed in on that...

I am convinced we'll turn BVB into mush in the final and Boateng will have a big part in that victory, but I also hope that in attack we will do our thing so our defense will be in the shadow and Subotic or Schmelzer will fuck up so BVB's fans can defend them while we bash on our players every single time...

Sorry for the long post but you all have got used to it by now... Over and out...

This is the right responding to all the non valid things that been said for Boateng.
I really admire your calmness Gio and I truly envy you in a good matter of speaking.

Unfortunately I cannot react the same with you. I'm done hearing again and again the same out of time and place comments!
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Realistically speaking what do some of you think our chances are may 25?
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Originally Posted by luiscuba14 View Post
Realistically speaking what do some of you think our chances are may 25?

It's gonna be harder than last year's final match.
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Only Victory......
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Kuba: "We should be proud"

Kevin Grosskreutz struck Dortmund's opener in the 1-1 draw against the German record champions
Jakub Blaszczykowski's (r.) Dortmund played out an eventful prequel to the Champions League final against FC Bayern
A foul by Rafinha (l.) on Blaszczykowski resulted in the former's second booking and a penalty for Dortmund
Kevin Grosskreutz struck Dortmund's opener in the 1-1 draw against the German record champions
Jakub Blaszczykowski's (r.) Dortmund played out an eventful prequel to the Champions League final against FC Bayern

Dortmund - Having struck a personal best of 11 goals and set up another nine in the Bundesliga this season, Polish national team captain Jakub Blaszczykowski has been playing an integral part in Borussia Dortmund's impressive campaign.

The Yellow-Blacks all but secured second place with Saturday's 1-1 draw against FC Bayern Munich, a pulsating prequel to the UEFA Champions League final.

Speaking to bundesliga.com after the game, the 27-year-old expressed his frustration at being held to a draw but looked ahead to the London final with confidence...

bundesliga.com: Jakub Blaszczykowski, how do you feel about the draw against Bayern?

Jakub Blaszczykowski: It's a bit of a shame we only managed a draw as we played rather well. We had a number of chances to wrap up the game, but unfortunately we missed them and even failed to convert from the penalty spot. Maybe we could have done better in the final 25 minutes of the game, when we were one man up.

bundesliga.com: In your opinion, did the encounter live up to all the pre-match hype?

Blaszczykowski: Both sides played really well, it was a quality game. There was action at both ends, tension - all in all a really good match between Germany's two best sides.

bundesliga.com: The fixture also served as a prequel to the Champions League final at Wembley in three weeks' time. What did you learn from the game?

Blaszczykowski: Both sides made quite a few changes in order to rest some players and help others to recover from minor injuries. The starting line-ups will certainly not be the same on 25 May and the final will therefore be a slightly different match. However, I'm sure in London we'll be seeing another very interesting and intense game of football.

bundesliga.com: Do you expect the final to be a similarly fiery contest?

Blaszczykowski: I hope it's going to be intense, but not too fiery. Football should take centre stage. Of course it's always going to be emotional when these two clubs meet, but things should stay within the boundaries.

bundesliga.com: Emotions seemed to boil over when Rafinha was sent off for a second bookable offence - and you were in the thick of it...

Blaszczykowski: It was a clear foul on me and the referee decided accordingly. I was quite amazed by the discussions that followed, but I prefer not to comment on it as I consider it finished. It was important to keep cool on the pitch and not rise to the provocation. It wasn't at all easy, but fortunately we managed it.

bundesliga.com: Did you already have the Champions League final in mind during the game?

Blaszczykowski: I was fully focused on this Bundesliga encounter, so there was no space for such thoughts. I didn't think about what I would be doing in three weeks or what would be happening that day. There's still a way to go until the final. This game was important for us as we wanted to do everything we could to secure second place in the table. We're now six points ahead of Leverkusen. It's our goal to reach second place this season, so we should be very proud to have achieved it.

This guy has to be the biggest bullshiter in the B.Liga
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Having a chance to watch the taped game, at one point of time, Shaq failed to pass on to Gomez (I thought it was him), which could have been converted easily.

I like Jupp for not giving a damn about all stand-offs and kept himself cool. Fuck them and pay not attention is a good strategy.

BTW, Klopp made lots of cunning face, the wicked master of mind game.

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Originally Posted by luiscuba14 View Post
Realistically speaking what do some of you think our chances are may 25?
we are favorites .. there is no escape of that fact. just like last year, although i don't like it, and don't want us to be, but we are.
55% to 45%.

am just hoping that this fact wont let our players go into the game less focused or with a (we already won it) mentality.

taking that out of the way, I think our key to win this game will be no surprise, it's our Wingers, especially Robben.

because, judging by previous outings against BVB, Ribery wont be as effective as ever, because Piszczek has proven to me that if there is a full back who can knock Ribery out of his stride, it will be him.
But i can't really say the same about Schmelzer and Robben, as i consider the former to be the weakest link in BVB's defensive line up, and he'll Definitely need help from defensive teammates in containing Robben, which might help freeing up some space for Schwini and co in the middle of the park, for them to exploit ...
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This is the Bundesliga game thread.

If you'd like to discuss the CL Final, please do so in the Champions League Campaign thread in the meantime before a game thread is created. Thank you.
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