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BZ Interview with Shaqiri

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  • BZ Interview with Shaqiri

    Hey Zoners,

    Remember when I told you all last year that I will try my best to hold an exclusive interview with Shaqiri for BZ (with the questions you guys will submit) in the future?

    Well, I am likely to meet him very, very soon, and if the meeting happens, I will try to do an interview with him.

    Please post here some questions (max 3) you'd like to ask him, and then me and the rest of the Staff members will select the best ones to use for the interview.

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    No way?! You call me when you meet him you crazy fuck.


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      Great news Trim! Congrats!

      My questions:
      1. Why did you choose Bayern?
      2. Do you think the current Hitzfeld (coaching your NT at Switzerland) would be able to be succesful at the current Bayern?
      3. From the current Bayern team, with what player do you enjoy playing with the most and why?


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        If Sammer had a talk with Shaqiri about the starting spot, and how Shaq sees his future for him at Bayern.


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          Do you plan to move in next two seasons if you don't break into 1st lineup?


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            What is you're preferred position?


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              I think a lot of the typical questions are going to have very predictable answers, so I would ask him some more light-hearted questions like:

              1) Who does he get on best with at Bayern?
              2) Who's the most fun player at the club?

              and then something like:

              3) What's he looking forward to most in the new season and with Pep?


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                Who's the biggest joker in the dressing room?


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                  Trim, ask him if he arm wrestled any of the guys in the team. I'm pretty sure he'd beat them all


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                    My question: Which is the bigger FCB now, punk?

                    You've GOT to ask this- Clint Eastwood style.

                    Oh, and- How's the love life? And his take on why is Badstuber still single?
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                      How often do you visit your hometown?

                      What was the most memorable football related incident of your childhood?

                      Do you ever find it overwhelming when you replace a legend like Franck Ribery?

                      (Oh, and scanned autograph! PLEASE!)


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                        Who is your greatest inspiration in football?
                        What is your most cherished memory as a footballer?

                        Congratulations Trim.


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                          Awesome for you Trim. I hope you'll get allowed to ask him some questions from the site, make him swing by the forum to check it out. (If he hasn't already done that of course)

                          My three questions for Xherdan.

                          • Try to describe your feelings about winning the Treble in your first season with Bayern München and in such a young age. Hungry for more silverware?

                          • You've seemed to have integrated very fast with your new team and getting along nicely with the other players, How much of a difference is there to play and train for FC Bayern compared to your former FCB, Basel. How big is the jump?

                          • With Götze joining the ranks there will be even more competition for the spots than last year, How do you see your chances in terms of playing time the coming season? How do you feel about the loan rumors there has been going on?


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                            Who is your biggest inspiration at the club?

                            What do you wish to improve on this upcoming season?

                            What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

                            , congrats again Trim i'm pretty jealous.


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                              Thanks, guys. Will update you tomorrow.