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You Can Always Get Back on Your Feet

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  • You Can Always Get Back on Your Feet

    BayernZone - Blog

    You Can Always Get Back on Your Feet
    by GarciLP on July 30th, 2013

    It was a warm spring night in Munich – one of many such nights at the Bavarian capital. The city was unusually quiet, except for a spaceship-like construction on the outskirts of the city, where the only sound was the sound of silent desperation. Eleven, no, fourteen, no, a million men, lied on the pitch shattered, broken husks of men where there had once been a team fighting for their life.
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    A brief aside: I came up with this article on the spot, trying to put into words what's been going on in my mind recently. I've been going through a couple of rough patches personally (nothing worth discussing really, just my studies and some personal issues). I saw the picture of Bayern as they were all on the ground defeated after Chelsea, with Lahm standing among them (this one) and seeing how they managed to turn around the hardest of defeats into the greatest of victories inspired me beyond belief. Just another reason to fuel my love for this club, and I wanted to share it here.

    Feel free to comment and/or discuss!

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    Finally, it's been such a long time. Nice read Garci.


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      Congratulations Garci!

      This earns rightfully the top of my personal preferences of all the masterpieces that all of you great bloggers/writers provided to us all this time.
      No offence to the rest of you but this
      You Can Always Get Back on Your Feet
      is not only a title of a magnificent read, but it's also a life's motto.

      Specifically it's my life's motto.
      It's the reason that I chose to be a Bayern and German football fan in general since my 14th years of age.

      Thank you very much and congratulations again!


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        Thanks Wavy and especially thanks mavros for that comment - really means a lot to me