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  • The Board of Directors

    This is the thread to discuss anything and everything related to the club's Board of Directors.

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    Svend Frandsen of 'ESPN Soccernet' has written an interesting article about Uli Hoeness.

    It's too long, therefore I am not posting it here, but it's definitely worth reading.


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      I really like the part:
      "I think he was a bit disappointed when the board of directors decided to bring back Juergen Klinsmann as coach. When they signed him as a player in 1995, Hoeness told me that he would never sit down with Klinsmann to negotiate again. He was so disappointed with Klinsmann's behaviour but I think it says a lot of his big heart that he was able to wipe the slate clean with Klinsmann and then make the best of the fact that he was he new coach."

      Hoeness really had some issues with JK, and in the end I Hoeness was proved right.

      Hoeness really is a huge backbone for Bayern, so hopefully Nerlinger can do a good job keeping Bayern successful from his end.


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        An interview with Uli Honess:


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          From next year, Uli Hoeness will no longer give interviews.

          "Maybe I will comment on matters concerning the board of directors every 4 or 5 weeks."


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            Woah. What made him take that decision?


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              shooting his mouth off too much


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                'Der Kaiser' on the season so far...

                Franz Beckenbauer, known to many as the face of German football, spoke to about Bayern's poor start to the season, the race for the title and the development of the German domestic game.

       What do you make of the current situation at FC Bayern?

                Franz Beckenbauer: Bayern have started badly but when a new manager comes in with a new philosophy and new ideas it's always difficult, so we need to take that into consideration. Now the lads know each other, things are falling into place and that's why the results are beginning to improve.

       Do you think the new manager needed time to settle with the squad then?

                Beckenbauer: Of course. He's a football teacher with certain ideas and he wants to see them implemented on the pitch. You need time to practise, it's not something that happens overnight. He has a completely new philosophy and that's what the players are working on at the moment.

       At the top of the table Hamburg and Leverkusen have been playing some excellent football and there have been plenty of goals. How do you rate the season so far in terms of excitement and getting more fans through the gates?

                Beckenbauer: I think we've seen a fantastic start to the season and the fans have responded to that. Several stadiums have been sold out. Unfortunately for Hertha it hasn't quite been so rosy - they have incredible potential in terms of fanbase and it's no good them being bottom of the table and playing in front of 20,000 fans in a stadium for 70,000. Hopefully they'll turn things around because we could definitely do with their high attendance figures. Overall, though, I think we can be pretty happy with the development we've seen. HSV are up their again. They did the same last season but they fell away towards the end of the season due to their lack of strength in depth. Leverkusen slipped up as well in the second half of the season. We'll have to see. I'm sure Jupp Heynckes is aware of that and will react accordingly this time around.

       We've seen some high-profile new faces arrive in the Bundesliga this season. Of course there is Arjen Robben at Bayern, but also plenty of other stars who perhaps wouldn't have considered Germany a few years ago?

                Beckenbauer: Well I think the Bundesliga has always been an exciting league. It's not fair that all the best players only play in England and Spain, there are other countries too. Nevertheless, without wanting to pay any disrespect to the Bundesliga, I don't think Arjen Robben wanted to leave Real Madrid of his own accord, rather he decided he needed to find a new club and thankfully he decided to come to FC Bayern.

       Aleksandr Hleb is another prominent player who has arrived at VfB Stuttgart this term. Wolfsburg brought in some interesting players too. What do you think of this development?

                Beckenbauer: Yes it's nice that these players are coming to Germany when previously they may have gone to France or wherever. I think the Bundesliga has become a more attractive league, not least because of the stadiums. The World Cup in 2006 left us with plenty of wonderful stadiums and every footballer wants to play in a grand arena. We have that in Germany and of course the quality of the football is improving, so that's why more and more players are choosing the Bundesliga.

       Finally, who do you think will win the Bundesliga? Perhaps a bit of a rhetorical question for you, but who do you see fighting for the crown come the end of the season?

                Beckenbauer: I think Bayern are best equipped to go on and win the title. I don't think the other sides have the stability that we have. VfL Wolfsburg didn't win the league last term because they played wonderful football all year long, but because the teams around them all slipped up. You can't rely on that though. If you want to win the league then you have to perform consistently throughout the season and that's no different for FC Bayern.
                Bundesliga - Die offizielle Webseite


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                  Rummenigge to stay at Bayern through 2011

                  Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has extended his contract for another two years until the end of 2011.

                  "Karl-Heinz Rummenigge will stay until December 31, 2011 ... the contract was signed two or three months ago," club spokesman Markus Horwick told Germany's SID sports agency on Wednesday ahead of Bayern's Champions League tie here against Bordeaux.

                  The former German international has been chairman of Bayern since 2002.
                  AFP: Rummenigge to stay at Bayern through 2011


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                    "Bild" interview with Hoeness and Beckenbauer
                    Part one - Is van Gaal the wrong coach?

                    Hoeness: "We will certainly not buy players in January. We will offload unhappy players if anyone wants to leave."

                    "Van Gaal is still looking for the right formation. He has been unlucky with Ribery's injury. Ribery makes the difference. It's not only Ribery, Robben is out aswell. It was football from another planet when they played together against Wolfsburg."

                    "We want to play 4-4-2, that has been discussed with van Gaal prior to the Robben transfer. Two wingers, a rather defensive minded midfield and two strikers. The 4-4-2 is the way to go in 80 percent of the matches. Van Gaal sees it that way, too. He asked Robben if he was okay playing as a right midfielder. Robben accepted it and then we sealed the deal."

                    Bild: Who of the two is still going to be here next summer, Toni or van Gaal?

                    Hoeness: "That's tough to say. At the moment there are some problems between the coach and the player, especially after Luca's inappropriate statements. We have five Bundesliga matches and two Champions League matches ahead of us. We will have to wait and see.

                    "I meet with van Gaal every Friday evening at 10:30pm. He drinks Spanish wine, smiles and is really humorous. He just needs to show that in public."

                    Beckenbauer: "Maybe that's not possible because he wants to look like a person of authority."

                    Hoeness: "That very well may be."

                    "I have no idea why it's so difficult with the coaches here. I know that a big company like FC Bayern can not be lead by one person only. Van Gaal thinks he has to do everything by himself but that's not possible. He alone wants to deal with the Toni issue. All parties involved need to work together. The coach, the board, the doctors and so on...

                    "Louis isn't happy, for example, when Toni cries his heart out to Rummenigge. Karl-Heinz speaks Italian, he just wants to help build bridges."

                    "Van Gaal has not had so much to say at any of his previous clubs. Maybe he finds this difficult. We just want to help him with our knowledge and experience."



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                      Karl and Uli have a strong point. FCB is a huge company and its always better to have all partied involved in matters that concern all partied. But I know that must get on LvG's nerves when Toni goes crying to Karl behind his back. You just cant trust people like that.

                      I hope Ribery and Robben heal quickly and we can get this matter put behind us!


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                        "Bild" interview with Hoeness and Beckenbauer
                        Part two - Franz and Uli regret sacking Rehhagel

                        Hoeness: "I'm convinced that in the next 10 years we are going to be more successful internationally than in the past 10 years, including the Champions League win. The future of the club really starts once we have paid off the Allianz Arena debts. Then we can use all that money to buy new players.

                        "There are going to be lots of changes in the next years. In Spain, the tax for players has increased to 45%, in England to 50% percent. This will make the Bundesliga a more attractive destination."

                        Beckenbauer and Hoeness regret sacking Otto Rehhagel in 1996, the man who lead the club to the UEFA Cup final.



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                          What's the tax for players in Bundesliga?


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                            Originally posted by Scooter View Post
                            What's the tax for players in Bundesliga?
                            Footballers' earnings that exceed 250,000 euros per annum are taxed at 45%.



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                              Thats the thing about regrets... it always comes after things are already done. One thing I do wish for is consistency in our club. Even though I think SAF is a complete ass and big mouth... he has been an icon for ManU. We need to get a good trainer (possibly LvG?? who knows) and keep him around for a decade or 2!