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  • TBH, i wouldn't mind getting Wenger to see the season through and get Ten Hag for next season.

    Originally posted by PatrikoBayern View Post
    Sorry no offense meant.
    But i could pull out a gun if anyone fosters the possibility of
    Bringing Wenger a dinosaur that failed in time over and over
    Into Bayern. That’s gross madness !

    You guys wanna drag Bayern down to mediocrity and instant capitulation?
    Wenger is a BIG NO NO !
    There aren't many options who would accept a 7th month contract. And TBH, Mourinho is a also a dinosaur, guy got fired from two jobs for failing to adapt.
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    • Can ETH lead us to UCL Glory ?
      Can he take us far against the A teams ?
      I feel a tad still insecure with ETH taking on Giant Bayern with all her lofty expectations
      ETH May need 2 more years to mature fully for Bayern.

      It seems a quick fix. An Adrenalin Shot in the arm
      But it’s Mourinho I think Bayern needs now. I pray the team loves him.
      And he respects the players.

      If this department is addressed. The caliber rate performance of a mecenery likeJose Mourinho is what this club needs.


      • Originally posted by L4nd3r View Post
        TBH, i wouldn't mind getting Wenger to see the season through and get Ten Hag for next season.

        There aren't many options who would accept a 7th month contract. And TBH, Mourinho is a also a dinosaur, guy got fired from two jobs for failing to adapt.
        The 2 clubs he got hired he delivered. The league for one
        And broke natural laws to get the other around 12 th position when he was hired into the champions league.
        Winning the Europa, the FA cup, their Carabo league Cup. And force booting them from an abysmal 12th position to finally a 2nd position on the league. No one has ever come near the radius of achieving what he did with Manchester United after Ferguson, before his arrival and after his departure. He is no ordinary coach.

        Chelsea dominated the league with him until internal politics caused his sack.
        That’s just the issue with him. But m ready to take the roller coaster ride with Mourinho. Our defensive issue is a 100% guaranteed fix with that guy. We already have the greatest midfield in all of Europe “ if we are in full gear “

        Mourinho is a UCL specialist. Equipped With a Top Club like Bayern.
        Watch that man win the UCL again.
        He is the highest winner of the UCL with most different clubs in this modern era
        A demon mastermind in this beautiful game.
        I see benefits and not obstacles. If I was in charge. We should make a phone call
        To Mourinho tonight.


        • Michael Ballack: Jose Mourinho 'Would Bring a Certain Glamour' to Bayern Munich

          RORY MARSDEN
          APRIL 17, 2019
          Former Bayern Munich star Michael Ballack has advised the German champions to appoint Jose Mourinho as manager when current boss Nico Kovac leaves the club.

          Kovac is only in his first season in charge at Bayern and they are now on track to win the Bundesliga, although Borussia Dortmund sit just one point behind them in second

          But Ballack believes Mourinho, who was sacked by Manchester United in December, would be a good fit for the club in the future, per Bild (h/t MailOnline's Peter Rutzler):

          "Right now Niko Kovac is the head coach and that should be respected. He does a good job. [But] one cannot deny that, at some point in the future, the appointment of Mourinho would bring a certain glamour to the club and the Bundesliga. It has been seen with Pep Guardiola—his appointment gave the league a giant jolt, even if he did not win the Champions League at the end with Bayern.

          "Guardiola introduced a certain style of play, he's an exceptional coach. In addition, the international profile of each club is many times higher when you get Guardiola or Mourinho. With a coach like Mourinho, it's probably easier for a club to get top stars. At the moment, the Bundesliga does not have the same appeal for world-class players as the Premier League. But Bayern would be well-advised to have world stars in their team."


          • If it is true Kovac offered his resignation it is classy from him. I wish him good luck where ever he is going. He was just the wrong man for us.


            • Originally posted by L4nd3r View Post
              What are you consuming? This comparison doesn't make any sense. We have the players to play whatever way Ten Hag wants.
              We always have the players any triner wants. Its wc squad lol.
              I seriously doubt ten Hag can fill in the expectations the fans want.
              Like de ligt failed in his first months...and still..

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              • Mou is far too defensive minded. His version of football is utterly boring. The same goes for Allegri.

                Kovac raus!


                • Our board should take the blame also. Everybody blaming Kovac, yes he is an average coach but the people who brought him and the people who made the transfers in the last few years are as much responsible as Kovac. The team lacks planning. Money thrown at defense 120 mil for a guy who was injured for a long time while in the attack we got fucking Perisic and we had luck that Coutinho was available for a loan.

                  All in all getting a system coach like ETH is the first giant step but we need to continue with getting competent men. Plus we need peoople in our board who will invest smart in our team squad. In the last few years we were riding on the squad set up from a few years back. Being cheap and collecting dividents.

                  All in all if we dont invest and invest smart a coach will probably make a difference but not that much to be a force in europe.



                    As if the manager tribulation wasn't enough.

                    Kovac raus!


                    • What we need now is someone to make us Bayern again and fix that mess in the defence.
                      Even if we\ll be playing the most boring football of all times.
                      Mourinho is the man!

                      And it's great timing that he's available!


                      • Ok, that's it!

                        You can continue the discussion regarding our next coach here