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FC Bayern München 5 - 0 Borussia Dortmund

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  • Reus teches against Bayern




      • Αmazing performance!

        Bayern showed from the beginning who is the boss and certainly Kovac must take some credit on this.

        My MOTH match was clearly Thiago.
        Javi and our 2 wingers and Lewa of course were too close.

        Our defence and whole defencive attitude look better except one lack of concetration when Dahood hit the woodstick.

        A tremendous mental advantage this emphatic win should be for our way to the title.

        We might have 2 difficult games but BvB will certainly drop some points as well.
        They seem to run out of steam while us on the contrary seem to be programmed for our top form for those 2 last months (April,May)
        We probably didn't expect a strong Liverpool opponent so early in the CL competition.

        Can't see us losing the double in any way!


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          • Somebody realised finally that we still have two great fullbacks, Javi, Mueller and one great striker while recently also two atleast good wingers and Jupp’s 4-2-3-1 was again in order.

            Great setup, great win, the ghost od Jupp’s past.

            I don’t know why we wouldn’t play like this all the time.