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FC Bayern München 4 - 0 1. FC Köln

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  • FC Bayern München 4 - 0 1. FC Köln

    Bundesliga 2019/20, Matchday 5
    FC Bayern München v 1. FC Köln

    Stadium: Allianz Arena (Munich)
    Kick-off: Saturday, 21 September 2019, 15.30h

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    Give Davies a chance at LB, Lucas also had some issues according to Niko last night.
    Javi and Cuisance deserve some minutes, Tolisso got his chance, and even though I thought he did decent last night I think it's time too see what our other midfield options can do. Thiago gets a rest.

    Same goes for Coman, he is great this season but we all know his injury troubles so he should be given a rest, while Gnabry tries to find his form.

    And I know this has basically no chance of happening, Kovac hates rotating after it almost cost him his job in the first season, and I do admit rotating like this against any team can be dangerous because the team is not coordinated (And we're still not sure if Cuisance can hold a midfield toghter) but I will still hope for at least some rotation.


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      Every time someone suggests playing Davies at LB a puppy gets kicked somewhere.


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        I'd expect us to dominate against Koln, so Davies getting minutes (even if it is a LB spot) is going to be very valuable for his development. It's a risky move sure, playing youngsters is almost always risky, but the upside is their development over long term.

        I won't hold it against Kovac if he plays Lucas though.


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          I agree. Balanced rotation is key. We need all players to be ready as we know injures will start at some point.

          Drastic rotation is no good, but giving certain players on certain positions game time is crucial.

          Cuisance for sure deserves to play. Thiago can rest a little bit. Gnabry should also start.

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            Don't risk Lucas.


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              I would love to see Cuisance play. I mean it's not even a risk, come on it's the damn Bundesliga .. it's ours no matter what. lol


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                Originally posted by Thirteen View Post

                Don't risk Lucas.
                If Kovac could hire Rafinha for 1 game he probably would'nt doubt doing that instead of giving Davies a chance.


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                    Originally posted by EM1R View Post
                    thanks, but no thanks.
                    been there done that and it was horrifically bad.


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                      Would field him instead of Davies though. No offence tho.


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                        If Hernandez can`t play I am all for Davies getting a chance. I also want Coutinho to start so hen can build on last game.


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                          Bernat is playing really well with Tuchel. I'm happy for him.


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                            Pavard, Süle, Boateng, Hernández
                            Kimmich, Tolisso
                            Gnabry, Coutinho, Perišić

                            Kimmich in midfield. Sick of it.


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                              I will celebrate when this shitty coach is out of here

                              We are literally playing 4 CBs vs Koln at home. Davies could have started and Cuisance too but i guess its too much for Kovac he is probably afraid he will fuck it up like last season games Dusseldorf and co and he will be out of here. This team is just barely floating no single improvement players wise, game wise quality wise you name it.