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FC Bayern München 4 - 0 Borussia Dortmund

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  • Originally posted by misafeco View Post
    Woah, wait a second. No hard feelings, right? I'm not here to make enemies.

    I just wanted to point out that after I read the beginning of your post with Müller's name crossed out, I was expecting an analysis on Coman's game, not Müller's. It seems to me, you didn't really want to end the discussion on him with your post. That's all, I found it funny.
    no hard feelings buddy.
    In that post I wanted to conclude my thoughts on the matter once and for all without elaborating much, I was hoping people would discuss Flick's future, Coman's end product or maybe how good Kimmich looked as a CDM .. but nope. none of that.

    Muller Saga doesn't mean shit to me anymore, I said what I have about him and that's that.


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