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FC Bayern München 3 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

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    I think this game show once again certain facts:

    - Coutinho and Thiago have to start!! Thats just a must. We cannot afford to go with mediocrity in MF like Goretzka and leave Thiago on the bench. Thats just no go. Goretzka/Kimmich is a midfield disaster.
    - Coutinho can decide a games with a moment of magic. He was soo motivated yestersday, and was sooo deadly. Its ridiculous to have him on the bench.
    - Alphonso Davies is a beast. I seriosly think that Alaba shall maybe pair with Hernandez in central defense. With Lucas back we will have even stronger defense.

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      Originally posted by FCBartek View Post
      When everybody is fit, what is coach going to do with Davies? Will he still have first squad? He his amazing and I'm curious if Alaba is still valued more at LB position
      Is this topic still up for discussion ?
      i don’t need to hide to say this.
      it is outright STUPID for Hansi to give Alaba the left back role again. And Hansi is not stupid.
      I have always complained severally on that position and Alaba. Finally we have someone who is taking us all to estacy with mercurial performance on that position. Davies defending is “A rate “excellent.
      His tackling, interception, body shading. Going foward to attacking; he is excellent. Dribbles. Works the ball foward. Never scared of driving the ball in, shaking off defenders and releasing the ball at prime positions for strikes. Instead of taking the lazy option of passing the ball back to the goal keeper when under pressure, or back to a colleague ,merely transferring the pressure to receiving colleague.

      Just look what he did to feed Coutinho. That’s a Masterclass example of a perfect left back .

      After all this and still talking of giving the LB role back to Alaba is looking like an insult to “reward for performance”. That spot Now belong to Davies. Alaba can take the bench for now. Bayern first.
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