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Holstein Kiel 2 - 2 FC Bayern München (6 - 5)

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    Originally posted by FernandoBR View Post
    I lost you at doogy crusty... Who do you mean by that ?

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    The back alley mugger himself, your compatriot Douglas Costa. What a fucking fraud.


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      There is no other way to confront this than to say that this is a debacle.

      If there is even the slightest positive thing that you could extract from this situation is that we have reached rock bottom, as I really cant see how we can top this going forward in the season. One thing is for sure that we cant be eliminated by a 2. Division team twice in one season.

      Having said that now its a make or break time for the rest of the season. This is the first time since Flick took over. All he knows at Bayern is winning and trophies. But reality is that experiences like last year in football are pure rarity. Knowing how to cope with shit situations is much more often.

      I can accept all excuses for the difficulties this season. But Flick will have to learn to hard way that either you adapt or you go. The players may be shit but they wont be fired.

      So its really the time for him to take matter in his own hands and stop giving blind support to players just because they won him the treble. There are guys on the pitch who cant make a simple pass right now either because they are not concentrated, motivated...And he still plays them.

      Muller is shit for a couple of games and he is every time on the pitch. Davies was horrific yesterday. Our midfield with Kimmich is not working. Kimmich + Tolisso is not working. Who cares if he does not like, the team played great when he was at RB against Mainz. We won the CL with him as RB. Without a proper partner we will ruin him.

      And one thing he should also learn. He should have never ever accepted to go forward unless provided with adequate players who can actually play. Whole world knew this would be a horrific season to handle. We lost super important players from last season. And we brought bench warmers. I was so wrong thinking it will be enough to have Costa playing 15 minutes per game or Chouppo Moting having 10 minutes to rest Lewy a bit. The amount of games this season requires players who can play on top level. There is so much games that even if we brought top players there would have been no complaints about playing time. We fucked up big time here. Once again.

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        Well at least we can rest players when other BuLi teams play in the later rounds of the Pokal. Let's forget this one as soon as possible and focus on the more important competitions.