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    Sounds like Ribery might play CAM and Robben will go in Ribery's position...

    Bayern general manager Uli Hoeness said Robben might be ready to make his debut on Saturday against defending champion Wolfsburg.

    Van Gaal compared Robben's creative style of play to that of Franck Ribery, the French star winger whom the coach wants to move into central midfield.

    "(Franck) Ribery has this quality, but Robben does, too," Van Gaal said. "And we need that, I think."


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      Arjen Robben is one of my favorite players


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        ^Nice Name Hamit Robben.


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          now that we got a relative number of stars do you think ribery would want to stay


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            Depends on how the season goes prolly. If he is to extend his contract before the end of the season, I'd imagine Bayern would have to be performing exceptionally well up to that point. He wants to be part of a team that has a good chance of winning the Champions League in the next few years at least, so he has to be convinced that Bayern is such a team.


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              Hopefully Robben tells Ribery how shitty is in Madrid and he extends with us.


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                I agree -- and Robben could be the determining factor in whether Ribéry stays. We all know even with all of our signings that before Robben came that we were missing something in midfield, and now with Robben we have a complete team and complete set of signings. Gomez will prove his worth. I also would like to see things when Toni returns to action.

                What matters in winning the CL is how we play as a team, and if we played like we did yesterday when Robben came on, then we certainly have a chance at going all the way in the CL.


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                  Robben: "It was fantastic, I’ve come on and scored twice. I couldn’t have wished for a better start. This is a very special day for me."

                  "That was just a start. We have to follow it up in our next match. That’s why I’m here. I play football to win trophies."

                  "It wasn’t just me. The whole team deserves praise. We controlled the game."

                  "It’s been a perfect first day. I’m delighted to be part of this club."

                  "The club and the fans have made me feel very welcome. Playing here is a pleasure."

                  Van Gaal: "It’s always difficult when a transfer is a matter of just two days. He’s come to Munich where he doesn’t know anyone – maybe the coach, the players off the TV – and he suddenly has to work with them. And he’s gone out and done this. It confirms he’s class, and I’m delighted we have him here at Bayern."

                  Rummenigge: "Arjen’s goals obviously mean it’s a great start for him. We now have two wingers of the highest quality."

                  Lahm: "I’m delighted I have these two in my team. Both have demonstrated their outstanding quality today."

                  FC Bayern


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                    The only thing that gets me nervous about having both Robben and Ribery is how much time they spend with the ball. It sounds weird but I wonder if it will lead others to just standing around.

                    I just hope Robben and Ribery both use their skills to not only set up their own shot but to set up good opportunities for their teammates.


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                      Yep -- it seemed that some of our players were spectators at the wolfsburg game, and the fans only noticed them anyway, everyone else was non-existent -- except for Tymo who initiated some of the attacks when winning the ball. I wish Schweini could get in on some of this, then it would be a triple threat.


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                        I disagree, Schweini was very active during the last 30mins, everyone can find his place in the match, If Ribbery are having the ball more that doesn't mean that the others are spectators.


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                          Q&A with Arjen Robben
                          By ESPN Soccernet's Nick Bidwell

                          Nick Bidwell: Scoring twice on your Bayern debut in a victory against the reigning champions must represent the best possible start to your career in Germany.

                          Arjen Robben: I couldn't have written a better script. Doubles are quite rare for me and I was thrilled to help Bayern get their first win of the season. With that out of the way, we can now go forward with a lot more confidence, which in football can make all the difference. Sometimes things just fall into place. I've only been here an instant, but already feel at home.

                          NB: You only signed for Bayern a few hours before making your debut. Was it all a bit rushed?

                          AR: I think it was good for me to make my Bayern debut so quickly after signing. I had my first training session on Friday and the next day I came on as a sub against Wolfsburg. There was no time to worry about making a good first impression on a new set of fans. The trainer (Louis van Gaal) gave me few instructions, but it was just a case of getting out there and playing by instinct.

                          NB: Is it possible to get familiar with your new team-mates so quickly?

                          AR: I just went about my normal game, to take on defenders and play with pace. It felt very good. Of course, after only a half hour or so, you can't talk already of a fantastic understanding with team mates, but I had the impression of being on the same wavelength as many of them.

                          NB: You must be excited at the prospect of forming a "wing wizard" partnership with Franck Ribery at Bayern?

                          AR: Ribery is a player after my own heart. He lives to create and make things happen in the attacking-third and he's definitely one of the best of the moment, similar to a Leo Messi, Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres. It's always better to have someone of his quality on your team rather than in opposition and you saw what he could do against Wolfsburg. He brilliantly set up both my goals.

                          NB: After so much transfer speculation surrounding Ribery this summer, are you expecting him to stay at Bayern for the long term?

                          AR: In my talks with the Bayern management, they made it clear to me they had no intention of selling Franck and this is a good sign. Bayern are ambitious and determined to hang onto their best players.

                          NB: Can you fit into the same team as Ribery? Don't you like to play in a similar position on the left wing?

                          AR: I'm not making demands where I line up. Whether left, right or centre, all that matters is that team functions to its maximum potential. It always used to be said that I was at my best on the left., but I did really well on the right with Real Madrid. We will see what happens. There's no law against a left-footer playing on the right.

                          NB: Do you feel as if you have reached your peak yet?

                          AR: I hope not. I'm only 25 and I've got lots of football left in me. In a World Cup year, it was of no use to me or Holland to be on the bench. I have to play and began to consider my options. There was some interest in the Premier League and I know the Barcelona president (Joan Laporta) appreciates me, but Real don't normally sell to Barcelona so I was impressed when Bayern came along.

                          Bayern are huge club with a great history and, very importantly, they are not content to stand still. From my first meeting with them, everyone gave me a warm welcome and they went out of their way to make me feel at home. This counts a lot for me.

                          NB: The Bundesliga is not considered to be the strongest league in Europe so do you feel you have taken a step down by joining Bayern?

                          AR: I don't think I'm dropping down a floor or two by moving to the Bundesliga. In terms of the great attacking football, great stadia and fantastic atmosphere, the German championship is on a par with anywhere. I'm lucky to be here.

                          NB: Who do you see as Bayern's main rivals in the Champions League this season?

                          AR: My old club Chelsea could finally go all the way. Ancelotti is an experienced coach and seems to have the players on his side already. I also like the look of Inter as Jose Mourinho is a winner and a great coach. Don't believe the arrogant face he presents to the media as he's very close to his players. They want to perform for someone with his charisma and there is no one better at deflecting pressure away from the players.
                          Q&A with new Bayern signing Arjen Robben - Europe - ESPN Soccernet


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                            Welcome to the team.


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                              Much more to come
                              Robben: I’ll improve once I’m fully fit

                              Arjen Robben made a stunning debut for Bayern and has shown huge promise since then, but three weeks into his spell with Munich, the Dutch ace feels he is still way off his best form. “I can get a great deal better, because I know I’m not yet in peak physical condition,” the former Real Madrid player stated following Saturday’s narrow but deserved 2-1 victory over Nürnberg.

                              After netting twice against champions VfL Wolfsburg and turning provider in last week’s thumping 5-1 win in Dortmund, Robben again showed his value in the build-up play on Saturday. The newcomer’s inch-perfect cross for Daniel van Buyten’s 82nd-minute winner was a vital contribution to his new club’s fourth win on the trot. “It was an important assist,” Robben agreed. It was also his second in three games.

                              After switching from Spain’s most successful club to their German counterparts, the 24-year-old says he is “enjoying my football again.” On Saturday, a disciplined and defensive Nürnberg rarely gave him the space he needs for his thrilling brand of wing play, although Arjen knows he will never be asked to forego his attacking instincts. “It matters a lot to me, and that’s why I decided to come here.”

                              At Real, Robben reported, he had only ever played “30, 40, 45 minutes at a time.” He made a total of 29 appearances for Madrid last season, but was either substituted or came on as a replacement 14 times. The situation now is different: “I’m playing every game, and that’s important in helping me pick up my rhythm,” Robben said. “I’ve played 90, 80, and then 90 minutes here, three games in seven days, and that’s a big difference.”

                              Growing understanding with Ribéry

                              “But I’m noticing just how much I’m playing. I’m very tired,” continued Robben, well aware the next game comes up in just three days. “But that’s what you need as a player – matches and rhythm – and the more you play, the fewer injuries you pick up,” he remarked. The winger suffered a string of injury setbacks both with Real and in a previous spell at Chelsea.

                              Robben also feels his partnership with fellow wide player Franck Ribéry can only improve. “We’re already starting to build a good relationship on the field. Franck will get better once he’s over his physical problems. We can both improve. I hope we end up forming a productive pairing,” the Dutch ace said, “I’m really happy to be playing with him.”

                              Bayern director Uli Hoeneß certainly reckons the club’s superstar wing duo, already nicknamed Robbéry in the press, will bring the Bayern faithful to their feet many times this term. “Once Franck and Arjen are both fully fit, which will certainly take a couple more weeks, we’ll play even better football as a team.”


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                                Concern over Robben
                                Star to undergo MRI scan on injured knee

                                Concern descended over the Bayern camp on Wednesday night over a potentially long lay-off for Arjen Robben. The Netherlands star twisted a knee shortly before half-time in the goalless Champions League stalemate at home to Juventus and was replaced for the remainder of the match by Croatia hitman Ivica Olic.

                                “I think it’s a bad one. We’ll have a diagnosis tomorrow. But if a player tells me it’s serious, I always think it must be serious,” a visibly worried FCB boss Louis van Gaal stated.

                                Bayern chief medical officer Dr Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt will examine Robben on Thursday morning. “I’m going to wait for the results of the MRI scan,” Müller-Wohlfahrt said after the final whistle, declining to issue an initial diagnosis so soon after the match.
                                FC Bayern