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    Thanks mate. Although, If I'd knew that I was going to be picked I'd probably ask him something like: Why aren't you playing on the left? Are you stupid or something? Hahaha!


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      LOL. Well somone asked him somethin similar. but If I had the same opportunity as you did, I would have asked him somethin like. Which of the 4 managers do you think Bayern performed better? Hitzfeld. Klinsmann. Heynckes or Van Gaal. All 4 have different ideas. Imo Hitzfeld's philosphy is idealistic for Bayern. But I want to hear his side of which manager had the better ideas for the team.


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        "SZ" interview with Philipp Lahm

        "When you compare us to the other top teams in the Champions League you will see that those clubs have top players in seven, eight positions. We lack that. If we want to want to compete with Barcelona, Chelsea or Manchester we need a football style, an identity."

        "I think in the past our transfers did not always work out well. You can't buy players just because they are good. Clubs like Manchester or Barcelona define their style of football and then buy players that fit into the system. It's nothing like that at Bayern. We bought Arjen Robben for example because he's a very good player. But we didn't bring him because we said: okay, now we will play 4-3-3."

        "If you want to play 4-3-3 in the next years you have to think which three players you are going to sign for central midfield. We have the attacking players in Robben and Ribery and a target man, plenty of them even."

        "We need midfielders the defenders can pass the ball to. It doesn't have to be someone who can go 1 versus 1 like Barcelona's Xavi or Iniesta. Look at Lampard and Ballack at Chelsea, you can always pass the ball to them. I think our biggest problem is in midfield. Many accuse of passing the ball back and forth across the backline..."

        "And then they sign Tymoshchuk, another number six, but after signing Robben we now play with only one defensive midfielder!"

        "Possession is very important. Barcelona also has lots of possession - but they have players that say: okay, let's go forward. We lack that. I watch our games and ask myself: who's supposed to do that here? And we are only talking about one position. If you want to compete in the Champions League, you need at least eight top class players that are comfortable in their positions. I don't see those eight players here and that's not the fault of our players but of our policy."

        "This year Edson Braafheid was brought in, last season they loaned out Massimo Oddo, Marcell Jansen was also here for a short time, Chrstian Lell moved up and Andreas Görlitz returned from Karlsruhe. But the club did not express confidence in any one of them and none of them had proven his class before."

        "Right or left side, I just want a clear statement where they see me in the next two years. I am convinced I am more than up to to Bayern's standards on either side. But whether Philipp Lahm plays on the right or on the left has nothing to do with the curent situation."

        "We now have lots of players who have no place in a 4-3-3 which our coach prefers. Our strikers for example. We have really good strikers - but two or three are always on the bench when we play 4-3-3. If I buy Mario Gomez, I have to say we will play with two strikers and the entire preseason we played 4-4-2. And then Robben comes, a great player who suits us and who likes to play 4-3-3. "

        "We can't buy players just because they are good."

        "Barcelona could have kept Eto'o. They didn't do it because they knew a third striker in the class of Ibrahimovic and Henry will only cause trouble when warming the bench."

        "I think we have to do better with this squad. That's why primarily the players are at fault, to make it clear. The coach might have done two questionable transfers but other than that he sees what we lack. His experiencing with line-ups shows that he's still looking to find the best team. I like how much emphasis Louis van Gaal puts on tactics. He's a teacher I have not had before. I think we now have a coach that can successfully build a team. I think that despite the results we're on the right path with this coach. In contrast to last year I'm hopeful because I can see a system. Nonetheless a lot of things need to change of course."

        "Van Gaal is a gentle person although it doesn't seem like it. I like his personality but I also know that many don't get along with it. Some players just can't accept to be criticized in front of the whole team. I think it's good and how it should be."

        "Last year we didn't analyze our games, we didn't even talk about them. That's why it's very challenging. And some might rather pass the ball backwards as they might be criticized in front of the team tomorrow if they do something wrong. This is the exact opposite to what we had last year. But when I see what I could have done better, e.g. crossing, I have to say, the coach is right! The coach only wants to make us better. And we want to improve!"
        Credit: Hendrik


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          Hoeness: "Giving an interview like that before such an important match wasn't a smart thing to do. I remember Bruno Labbadia doing the same and we know how that turned out. I won't talk about his performances in public, we will have lots of time to do that in my office next week. I can assure you he will regret giving this interview."

          "Lahm also thinks that he is a good right-back, but we don't comment on that although he's the only one who sees it that way."

          Hoeness thinks Lahm's agent Grill is behind it. "You can call that interview a rejected sporting director comments on Bayern. And I thought he wanted to sell us players in the future. This wasn't a good afternoon for Roman Grill. Grill thinks he knows it all."

          According to "Bild", Lahm will probably be handed a five-figure fine.

          Player's reactions:

          Van Bommel: "No one is bigger than the club."

          "What do you expect me to do, punch someone in the face?"

          Van Buyten: "The players must pull together. It doesn't help when everyone does his own thing."


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            I actually agree 100% with Lahm said. He hit it right on target though he's going to get in trouble for doing it though. But he is right.

            I didn't quite understand Van Bommel's reaction.


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              The board of directors has issued the following statement:

              Club vice-captain Philipp Lahm, who gave an interview openly critical of the club, the coach and his team-mates, has violated internal club rules in a flagrant and inexcusable manner as follows:

              1) Interviews must be exclusively requested and organised by the club, and submitted to the player for authorisation. This is stipulated by contract and confirmed by every player.
              2) Voicing criticism of the club, the coach and team-mates in public is absolutely forbidden at all times.

              “Philipp has broken both these clearly-defined agreements,” Rummenigge commented. “We are disappointed, because as our vice-captain, he fundamentally bears a special responsibility towards the team and the club. Philipp Lahm will be punished with a fine heavier than any levied before by FC Bayern Munich.”
              FC Bayern


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                Amen philip lahm.....At least one member of the FCB Team knows what the problems are....everything he said was true and that "amount" will not change that....I think hones and rummenige must look at their self in the mirror someday


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                  Do you know what this means? It means goodbye Lahm next summer.


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                    Although I don't agree about speaking in public about your teammates like Lahm did, I think Lahm hit the right nerve. What pissed off Uli and the rest is that he criticized the management decisions. This will surely stir things up in the dressing room and I won't be surprised If Lahm is stripped of the vice captaincy.

                    Maybe the board should fine der Kaiser for his criticism of Ribery's french origins last summer?

                    This reminds of me of the FC Hollywood days. Somehow, they are coming back again now. When things don't go right at Bayern, things tend to heat up and spoil everything. That is exactly what happened during those days when Bayern were full of stars. Turmoil was all over the club.

                    Oh, and I didn't like the announcement of Lahm getting fined more than any player in Bayern's history. That is plain public stupidity. Hello? Does the world need to know about our internal fines? I don't think so!


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                      Originally posted by Miguel. View Post
                      Do you know what this means? It means goodbye Lahm next summer.
                      He is in no position to dictate terms.


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                        My take on the situation is that I strongly disagree with airing dirty laundry in the press. Lahm's words were brilliant but should have been said to management instead of the press. I agree with fining players for this but management also needs to take a look at themselves.
                        Kal made a good point of Kaiser's slip up on Ribery's nationality several months ago... what came of that? Just an apology. Thats it.
                        The thing that pisses me off about Uli is that even though he was done great things for this club he has consistently shot of his mouth and shown the lack of class he really has. If youre going to the press to respond to certain accusations then do so in an appropriate manner dont just say that person was wrong and start throwing out insults. Grow the fuck up and act like a man. Stop being such a little cunt and act like your position dictates.


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                          Originally posted by Tomas View Post
                          Lahm's words were brilliant but should have been said to management instead of the press.
                          His agent said Lahm did that but the board did not take him seriously.


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                            Bayern is falling appart and its all due to Louis van Gaal and our shitty Transfers.


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                              Originally posted by Miguel. View Post
                              Do you know what this means? It means goodbye Lahm next summer.
                              That's true. What a shame.

                              I have to hand it to him, he has been trying to be somewhat patient, since he wants to achieve CL glory with us... But I can understand if he leaves.


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                                Originally posted by Trim View Post
                                His agent said Lahm did that but the board did not take him seriously.
                                His agent is lying then. Because Lahm said that he should have went to management with this first and not the press.