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  • Philipp Lahm

    Philipp Lahm

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    The best player in the Germany =P =)


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      Originally posted by vally View Post
      The best player in the Germany =P =)
      The Best LB in the world ;-)


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        ... and should be captn. I want to go back to a German captn and Lahm fits the position.


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          yes he cud be a capitan why not -.- and i hope he will pray for bayern werry werry long time x)


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            This guy is fantastic,he is top class.

            I hope he extends again.


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              The best LB in the world !!


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                He's WC player,i like him too and he is born almost on the same day as me.


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                  In a new interview with "Spox", Philipp Lahm said that he feels a lot more comfortable on the defensive end on the right side, as it allows him to push the opponent off the ball with his stronger foot. He said that he has to adapt to the new role after playing on the left in the last five or six years, it's like having to learn every step again. Moving over to the left is not worth considering, he said. To the people who claim he doesn't have the option to cut inside, he replies that he only scored 3 goals in the league last year, so it wasn't that effective.

                  Philipp Lahm im Interview


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                    Exactly. Once again the player states this season that he prefers the right, the coach prefers him on the right, and he will stay on the right. Anyone here can't expect a player that played the last 5-6 years on the left (as he states) to easily pick up and be the best on the right. End of discussions on Lahm to the left, and now time to focus on getting a decent LB -- unless Pranjic and Braafheid miraculously start playing world class.


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                      But this is pure nonsense !!!!!

                      There are no good LB's in the world today, that's a fucking fact.

                      good right backs we can find like crap.

                      Ok Mr. Van Gaal, let's pretend Lahm is the best Right-Back in the world today, what are you going to do on the left?? you will be keeping rotating the bad Pranjic with the worst brahfield or whatever he is called ?


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                        JK consequence; Letting Jansen go :S

                        I doubt he'd consider a return.


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                          I agree, letting Jansen go so that we could get Oddo was purely stupidity.


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                            Lahm Q&A with readers

                            Question: How would you rate this year's Bayern squad compared to those of previous years?

                            Philipp Lahm: We're more or less on the same level. You lose some quality, but gain some as well. It comes down to how well the squad functions as a team. I believe a manager needs time to find a squad that can implement his philosophy. We've had some changes on the managerial front in recent years, that's why we haven't been able to build a characteristic FC Bayern team, the way it was from 1998 to 2001.

                            Q: Who is the best left-back you have seen play?

                            Lahm: My role model has always been Paolo Maldini. His career was extraordinary, he's a real idol. Bixente Lizarazu, too, my predecessor at Bayern, was an exceptional player at his peak in that position. I've learnt a lot from him.

                            Q: Since Bayern's 2001 Champions League triumph, they have not progressed much in the knockout stages. Can Bayern reach the final this term?

                            Lahm: We try to get closer to the final each year. Last season, we got knocked out in the quarters and the distance between us and the top four was evident. We hope the gap will have narrowed this season and in the coming two, three years, we want to challenge for the title again.

                            Q: Do you prefer to play on the right or on the left?

                            Lahm: I've always said I prefer playing on the right. But I can play at a top level on both sides so I'm happy to play wherever the manager thinks it will bringing the team success.

                            Q: Bayern are missing too many chances. Do you think Luca Toni coming back will help the team in this aspect?
                            (submitted by BZ Moderator, Filo)

                            Lahm: Luca's goal scoring record is fantastic. We've been missing too many chances up front recently, therefore he couldn't come back at a better time.

                            Q: What are the main differences between Van Gaal and Klinsmann?

                            Lahm: The biggest difference is experience. Louis van Gaal has been a manager for over twenty years and can draw from a deeper well of experience.

                            Q: How does it feel to be captain of Bayern?

                            Lahm: It feels good and I think it's logical a player from Munich should lead FC Bayern on to the pitch. Many great teams have players who have come through the youth system or have been at the club for a long time as their captains. I'm thinking of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, John Terry at Chelsea, Raúl at Real Madrid, as well as Puyol at Barcelona and Gary Neville at Man United.
                            Read more:


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                              Good job Filo. Awesome to get a chance to question someone from Bayern.