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  • Coach Louis van Gaal

    Head coach
    Louis van Gaal

    Full name: Aloysius Paulus Maria van Gaal
    Date of birth: 08.08.1951
    Place of birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Previous coaching positions:

    1986 to 1988: AZ Alkmaar (assistant coach)
    1988 to 1991: Ajax (assistant coach)
    1991 to 1997: Ajax
    1997 to 2000: Barcelona
    2000 to 2002: Netherlands national coach
    2002 to 2003: Barcelona
    2005 to 2009: AZ Alkmaar


    With Ajax:
    Intercontinental Cup (World Club Cup) 1995
    Champions League 1995
    UEFA Supercup 1995
    UEFA Cup 1992
    Netherlands championship 1994, 1995, 1996
    Netherlands Cup 1993

    With Barcelona:
    UEFA Supercup 1997-8
    Spanish championship 1998, 1999
    Spanish Cup 1998

    With AZ Alkmaar:
    Netherlands championship 2009

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    Wednesday, 10.30 am
    All new faces on board as training resumes

    Louis van Gaal, Andries Jonker (assistant coach), Hermann Gerland (assistant coach), Walter Junghans (goalkeeping coach), Jos van Dijk (training coordinator), Max Reckers (video analysis) and the FCB physiotherapists all gathered as a group for the first time on Tuesday morning. The head coach welcomed his team to the new campaign, the forthcoming pre-season period, and the first full working day of the new term.

    That officially starts some 24 hours later, when Van Gaal and his staff greet the players on their return to the Säbener Strasse. The first training session of the 2009-10 season takes place at 10.30 am on Wednesday morning.

    The new head coach will supervise almost the entire squad. Confed Cup participants Lucio and Luca Toni are still on leave, but the six new signings - Mario Gomez, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Ivica Olic, Danijel Pranjic, Edson Braafheid and Alexander Baumjohann – and Andreas Görlitz, who returns from a loan spell, will all be there.

    Cameras galore

    The players will soon detect a few changes under their new boss. On Van Gaal's orders, a number of cameras have been installed at strategic points around the two senior training pitches, recording the players' movement and tactical decisions for later analysis. The players will also wear special belts across their chests while working out. Monitors in the belts record important information to help plan future training programmes.

    The Säbener Strasse facility has also undergone a few alterations during the summer break. The coaching staff are located in new offices within the performance centre, while the grass pitches have been renewed and reseeded. The façade and entrances to the management office block have been renovated, while paving and asphalting work is currently underway in the courtyard. Last but not least, new signage indicates the spaces to be used in the underground car park by the incoming players and coaches.

    Replica kit sales soaring

    Bayern also boast a brand new home kit for the 2009-10 season. The new design in classic FCB colours was unveiled at the tail end of last season, and sales have soared since then. "Our bright red shirts with white inlays are proving a real hit with the fans,“ merchandising director Kürsad Bostan revealed to Bayern and their loyal army of fans are well geared up for the new campaign.


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      ‘I aim to make history’
      FCB and Van Gaal bound by shared values

      Louis van Gaal cut an impressive figure in his maiden news conference as Bayern head coach, not just for his fluent German, but also with a string of statements designed to gladden the hearts of officials and fans alike. “Mia san mia [a Bavarian saying roughly meaning ‘We are who we are’] and I am who I am,” the club’s first Dutch coach declared. “Assured, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working, innovative, but warm and family-oriented – that about sums up my personality,” the 57-year-old stated. “And that’s why I think I’ll fit in here. The culture at Bayern Munich and the Bavarian attitude to life are made to measure for me.”

      A dozen cameras were trained on Van Gaal, and some 60 reporters scribbled furiously as the new supremo addressed his first media gathering at the Säbener Strasse. “I’m proud and delighted to be working at such a big club,” he said in near-perfect German. “I studied the language five days a week from 9 am to 6 pm,” he continued. “It’s unbelievable how much German Louis has learned in recent weeks,” commented Uli Hoeneß, “he’s given a really impressive speech to the team.”

      “I’m a communicator,” Van Gaal offered, emphasising the importance of clear instructions and advice. “The players will soon find that out for themselves, because I want to impose my philosophy as quickly as possible.” Teamwork forms the core of the coach’s thinking. “We should take Barcelona as our model,” the Dutchman argued, “like us, they have good players, but they work as a team – that’s the reason they succeed. I’m convinced we can do it too. We have to become a real team.”

      That process would require time, Van Gaal warned. “Two years perhaps,” he said, lamenting the short pre-season this summer. “Instilling my philosophy needs lots of hours spent training. We don’t have that. I’ll be delighted if we make it through the first two months OK, with not many injuries and plenty of wins.”

      Holistic principles

      The players can look forward to an all-encompassing approach from the coaching staff. “I start with holistic principles,” explained Van Gaal, “I don’t see a player as a man who shoots a ball from point A to point B, but as a human who reacts to his environment, so the environment influences the shot.”

      The 57-year-old has been studying DVDs of his new team over the last few weeks. He will continue to watch the players closely in training, “and see how they react to me and my philosophy.” Only then would he lay down a tactical and positional plan. “I’ll select a system which is right for the players’ qualities.”

      Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League

      The coach himself feels his qualities are perfect for FCB. “My goals are the same as Bayern Munich’s goals,” he said. “Our goal is to battle for trophies, in the league but also in the cup.” As for the Champions League, “I want us to make the last eight – not just this season, but year after year – and maybe, at the end of the Van Gaal period, win the Champions League. I always aim to make history, and I hope I can make history in a positive way at Bayern.”

      Uli Hoeneß and new director of sport Christian Nerlinger smiled when they heard the coach utter those words. “I’m very, very positive about the new season,” stated Nerlinger. Hoeneß said he was “pretty certain we’ll fit together very well”. The general manager then looked Van Gaal in the eyes and pronounced: “You in Lederhosen – now that would fit!”
      FC Bayern


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        New coaching team
        Van Gaal introduces staff members

        During his first news conference as Bayern head coach, Louis van Gaal took the opportunity to introduce four new additions to his coaching staff. The 57-year-old also briefly outlined the responsibilities he has delegated to the individual team members, although he did add a rider at the end: “I do have even more members of my staff, but I’ve simply not brought them all here today,” he explained.

        Van Gaal’s coaching staff

        Andries Jonker (assistant coach): “He’s a versatile coach, who’s worked with me at Barcelona in the past. His role is as my assistant in the widest sense.”

        Hermann Gerland (assistant coach): “Hermann is also my assistant in the general sense of the word, but he’ll also co-ordinate our links to the youth section. You’ll all be aware that I’m known for giving younger players the opportunity to put themselves forward, so it’s important he makes the connection.”

        Jos van Dijk (training coordinator): “He’s a training physiologist. His task is to coordinate the work done by the rehab coaches, football coaches, and the physiotherapists. He’ll also advise me in terms of structuring our conditioning programme.”

        Max Reckers (match analysis): “He’s my right-hand man for video analyses and Powerpoint presentations intended for the players.”


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          Van Gaal: 'I'm different from every other coach'

          Louis van Gaal took over as head coach at Bayern seven days ago. A week after his official unveiling and inaugural training session, the Dutch supremo paid a first visit to the studios for an exclusive interview. In the course of the conversation, the 57-year-old discussed his initial impressions, the squad he has at his disposal, and Friday’s first pre-season friendly against Red Bull Salzburg.

          Interview: Louis van Gaal

 Louis Van Gaal, how do you feel about your first few days as Bayern head coach?
          Louis van Gaal: “Good. I’ve only been here a week of course, but I have a good feeling.“

 Looking back on it now, how was the first day?
          Van Gaal: “The first day at a new club is always special for a coach. Bayern is the club I wanted to coach, and I was determined to hold the first talk with my players in good German. I managed it, and it was important too, because I was able to explain my philosophy and my goals.“

 After the first week of training, do you sense that the players have understood your philosophy?
          Van Gaal: “I reckon I’m different compared to every other coach. I have my own identity, and I believe in a holistic principle. The players are faced with a different coach, and I think it’s too soon to say much on that subject.“

 You have 27 players in your squad at the moment. Are you happy with such a large group?
          Van Gaal: “No, it’s not good. As I’ve already said, I always work with 22 established players and three younger players. It’s very important that the players feel they have a real prospect of playing. In a large squad, that won’t be the case for a number of players. That’s not good for their motivation, but I believe it’s important to be motivated all the time, in training and in matches.“

 Talking of younger players, you rate as a strong supporter of up-and-coming youngsters. What impressions have you formed of Thomas Müller and Holger Badstuber?
          Van Gaal: “I’ve said that I’ll offer talented youngsters a chance. Müller and Badstuber will get their chance, provided they show what they can do. But we’ll have to wait on that for now.“

 How’s it looking with regards to the other newcomers such as Gomez, Pranjic and Tymoshchuk?
          Van Gaal: “Again, it’s too early to judge. I believe we have some very good new players, but we’ll have to see how they adapt to me and the culture at Bayern. That’ll certainly take another month.“

 You face Red Bull Salzburg in a first pre-season friendly on Friday. What can we expect from that?
          Van Gaal: “Every player will get a game. I hope we see a little bit of what we’ve practised in training this week. But in this case as well, it’s too early to expect very much. Win or lose, we won’t be able to draw many conclusions.“

 Finally, what are your goals with Bayern this season?
          Van Gaal: “Our long-term goal – and it might take longer than my spell in Munich – is to win the Champions League. A short term goal is to play good football. I hope that’ll please the crowd, and the victories will follow automatically.“


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            Hoeness: "Louis van Gaal told us which players he wants to have, then we talked about it and made it happen. We will benefit from van Gaal. He's very confident and carries out all his tasks on his own so that we can focus on the business side."

            "Jürgen didn't demand one new player. He said 'don't worry, I'll get Schweinsteiger and Podolski back on track'."



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              He brought Braafheid and Pranjic. And got rid off Lucio........Not a good sign....


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                Well we certainly will see what happens. If LvG makes wonderful things happen with the squad he is trying to build then he will totally have my support and respect -- until then we will wait and see. I am not getting to excited and getting burned like I did with JK.


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                  Originally posted by BayernLeben View Post
                  Well we certainly will see what happens. If LvG makes wonderful things happen with the squad he is trying to build then he will totally have my support and respect -- until then we will wait and see. I am not getting to excited and getting burned like I did with JK.
                  I couldnt agree more! I get this way after every election in the US... after every election I get disappointed. My football CANT be the same way!!! FUCK if it wasnt when JK came along. But I didnt get my hopes high in the first place but still was completely gutted the second week or 3rd week after Christmas. I didnt want Bayern to end up like Chelsea but I wanted JK gone! The only wish I have this year is that LvG will work out even though I dont like the Dutch (in the football profession).


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                    Van Gaal:

                    "If I'm given the necessary time, I'll have the chance of doing something big".

                    "I've shown what I'm capable of in other clubs I've been with, I think that the public and media have to keep faith with Louis van Gaal."

                    "It's in April or May that the distribution of prizes takes place, not in October".
                    Van Gaal pleads for patience


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                      First 100 days
                      Nerlinger ‘totally satisfied’ with Van Gaal

                      The review after 100 days in a new job, which originated with US Presidents, has become common currency for anyone taking over an important office, in politics, business and indeed football. Louis van Gaal passed the 100-day mark at Bayern last week, and FCB Director of Sport Christian Nerlinger, who reached 102 days in his job on Saturday, is extremely pleased with the head coach’s settling-in period.

                      “When I see him going about his work, I’m totally satisfied,” Nerlinger was quoted as saying in an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse on Saturday. The task now was to translate the effort on the training ground into results. “We need to start picking up points and set off on a run. That’s the challenge now, and we have the quality in the team to do it,” the former FCB pro continued

                      Nerlinger said he was not surprised to see Bayern only eighth in the Bundesliga after eight games. “I said before the season I thought we’d make a patchy start. The demands on the players were heavy. There was a tactical concept, but it has to be translated into action.” The team was always going to need time to acclimatise to the new situation, “but then we’ll be very successful, I believe.”
                      FC Bayern


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                        Beckenbauer standing by Van Gaal

                        Bayern Munich president Franz Beckenbauer has given the club's coach Louis van Gaal his full backing.

                        The Kaiser insisting that his club has not made the same mistake as it did in appointing Jurgen Klinsmann last year.

                        Klinsmann was fired after just 10 months in the job after failing to take them to the top of the table.

                        Although Bayern have actually made an even worse start to the season under Van Gaal, Beckenbauer believes no comparison can be made between the two.

                        "He was different," Beckenbauer said of Klinsmann. "For all the many good ideas he brought, these were simply not enough for FC Bayern.

                        "Van Gaal is an expert and a teacher of football. So he is quite the opposite of Jurgen Klinsmann.

                        "We just need to leave Van Gaal in peace and give him faith and then things will work."

                        "A new broom just needs a bit of time to sweep through and for the players to understand him," he told the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper.

                        "I think that he is the right man for FC Bayern. We have made a good choice.

                        "He has not been able to do everything he wanted so far, but nothing is lost yet.

                        "I am convinced that when the squad is fully fit again, we will also win our games."
                        Beckenbauer standing by Van Gaal |


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                          "Bild" analysis: Van Gaal is worse than Klinsmann

                          - Van Gaal is too arogant. He said in the locker room: "I'm like God. I'm never ill and I'm always right"
                          - Van Gaal makes too many tactical and personnel changes (14 matches, 14 different line-ups)
                          - Some players went to Van Bommel, they wish to have less high-intensity exercises ahead of matches
                          - Van Gaal doesn't rate Gomez and Tymoshchuk, and personally told Olic that he didn't want him...



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                            Hope it's not true.


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                              Wow. Im surprised....