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    Originally posted by Sakujo View Post
    at this point I don't even care about Sane anymore .. if we just get two decent wingers I will be fine I guess ..

    Two of;
    Bergwijn, Olmo, CHO, Everton, Neres and maybe Werner or Mandzu .. with Havertz & Nubel coming next year and if we are lucky we will get ETH as a manager with this young squad and we will be set for few years.

    just please none of the Carrasco / L.Baily BS please
    If Nübel plays outstanding this season he will probably not come to be Neuer’s back up


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      Let’s forget about Sane and focus on these guys.
      If this club can Buy Olmo,Everton , Bergewijn and Tymo Werner , I swear to you, They will all supersede Sane under 1 and a half years at Bayern I promise you. These guys are great talent. They just need a club like Bayern to give them the prestige, the Space , and the showglass podium to the world. Once you get to Bayern and shine, No National team or country on earth dares leave you out of her rooster. It’s impossible. You become an automatic member of your country’s National team

      Hassan, Uli. Please get these men I promise you all will be well.
      Forget Sane and possibly Cho if you don’t mind.
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