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    Originally posted by Sakujo View Post
    Clearly you don't get it.
    Manchester City will never get affected by FFP rules, and here is why;

    Manchester City are owned by Sheikh Mansour who got his personal wealth from the state of UAE.
    IN essence Manchester City is owned by the State of UAE. not just that all these sponsorship deals Manchester City gets are from companies that are in essence are owned by the same state, so in order for them to keep their books balanced they influence companies they own to offer over the top sponsorship deals for the club to cover for the losses they make every season ..

    One major example is Fly Emirates and other dummies owned by the State of UAE.

    So Goodluck with the FFP BS.
    FFP won’t help anyone, but massive outrage about these immoral billionaires buying clubs as playthings might. We’re already hearing rumors about that Qatari asshat who owns PSG backing out due to the hit his image is taking. When these fools with more money than they know what to do with realize that their endeavors hurt their image, they will back out faster than you can say “Qatari slave labor.”