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    Borussia Dortmund to sign Mario Mandzukic?

    Borussia Dortmund are considering bringing in Mario Mandzukic from Juventus, according to Sport Bild.

    BVB already inquired about the former Bayern München striker ahead of last summer's transfer window, but were told that the 33-year-old wasn't interested.

    Now, however, Mandzukic could potentially be open to leaving Juventus, with a decision on his future set to made this week. He would cost around €15-20 million, as per Sport Bild.

    BVB's initial plan was to sign Timo Werner from RB Leipzig, but they saw their advances turned down by the German international who made it clear that he only wants to join Bayern München.

    Dortmund have also been linked with AS Roma's Patrik Schick in the past, but he's no longer under consideration, according to Sport Bild.


    • I love what Dortmund is doing. I’m so happy that at last a team in the Bundesliga wants to get savy and competition serious .
      Another club that will be very attractive is Shalke 04. They always had excellent players.
      I wish they get investors and strengthen that team to be formidable. Give Bayern food for thought and terrorize Europe at the UCL like how they did previously.

      Back to Dortmund, did they hire a new sporting director ? I’m so pleased and impressed with them. They are looking very serious. If they get Mandzukic which is more likely than this Joke ( Bayern) as of now getting any single player. Then they are ready to give a strong repping in the Bundesliga as well as the Champions League.
      I hope they don’t sell off their stars to any club. For now, Dortmund needs to build strongly. Kudos to them.


      • Brazzo should redeem himself by taking this new Freddy Adu - who has scored 6 goals in a match - from Dortmund

        His goals reminded me of El Phenomeno though:


        • Comment

          • Augsburg up 1-0 in the 30th second


            • NVM 1-1 after 3 mins


              • Shit I must be behind


                • Dortmund doing what we couldn't do yesterday.


                  • Its fucking sad that Dortmund is playing better and more attractive football than us. Plus their bench looks great brandt,gotze,hakimi,dahoud,delaney,guerrreiro..


                    • Well , well, well. As the popular adage goes.” He who goes a borrowing “
                      “ goes a sorrowing”
                      All Bayern is interested in , is cheap borrowing and loaning deals. Short stop gap
                      Measures. To hoard money. ? For who and for what ? How many successful teams go with borrowing schemes as their main transfer activity. ?

                      Another saying again goes thus ....

                      The miserly man is like a fattened ox: he will give of his fat only when he has been deprived of his life.

                      Bayern has money but is stingy and adopting The strategy of a miserable pauper or miser. All the goodness of players all around are being used to better lots of serious teams ( Brandt) to Dortmund,Rodri to City, Roca still at Athlethi etc, ...and Bayern remains accumulating dung and dust with shard bits and pieces and lack luster buys ; Waiting for dead fruits to fall off a tree so she can lazily pick them Off the ground. Instead of climbing and plucking healthy sweet fruits ( Tymo Werner ) in place of Mandzukic or Perisic.

                      Look at how to open a season. ( Dortmund 5: Ausburg 1 ). An immaculate No 1 on the Log.
                      While your club that mocked Dortmund saying we will see how far her investing and buying players takes them
                      Begins her season in tatters ( 1:1) and sit 7th on the log.
                      People expect worst. The only salvation being our “borrowing of Coutinho”

                      The last adage says :

                      It is better to lose health like a spendthrift than to hoard it like a miser.

                      Uli and his clique need to depart Bayern. There is no cure until they are all gone.
                      Last edited by PatrikoBayern; 17-08-2019, 18:44.


                      • Originally posted by mea95 View Post
                        hahaha that savage


                        • Dortmund playing tonight? Gonna enjoy at least one football game a week in Bundesliga.


                          • Originally posted by EM1R View Post
                            Dortmund playing tonight? Gonna enjoy at least one football game a week in Bundesliga.
                            *Sarcasm on* I really love your positivity! *Sarcasm off*


                            • Originally posted by Effenbergfan View Post
                              *Sarcasm on* I really love your positivity! *Sarcasm off*
                              great joke


                              • This is your German footballer of the year