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    Hello Folks a very Happy New Year to all, just a quick post to advise Bohemian FC manager Pat Fenlon is in talks with Dundee United to take over as Manager after Craig Levine left to manage Scotland .
    This is obivously bad news for us as Pat managed Bohs to back to back league titles over the past two seasons, will keep you posted

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    Don't really know that much about football in Ireland, besides the whole Henry issue with his hand-ball (by the way I still think you guys should had pass to the final).

    Can you tell me more of Ireland's professional soccer league? Who is your "Bayern"?

    Pd: Beautifull country Ireland.


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      Hi Filo will get back to you later as I am on my lunch, however Bohs are Irelands " Bayern" two fantastic clubs !!


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        Hello again Filo some info for you on the league in Ireland , first off we have two seperate football associations in Ireland , here in the Republic we have the F.A.I. (Football Association of Ireland) and in Northern Ireland the I.F.A. ( Irish Football Association) seems crazy to me for a small country with a population of approx. 5 million but thats politics !!
        Our association the F.A.I. operates our league which has a premier division of ten teams and a first division of 12 teams , however there are only approx 3 pro teams in the premier division the others are semi-pro.
        The main problem our leagues have is attendance figures as a lot of Irish people support English Premier league and have deserted their own leagues for Man Utd. Liverpool etc. , however some of our best players in the past
        were all league of Ireland players eg Paul Mc Grath, Roy Keane , Gerry Daly , Kevin Doyle etc.
        Thats just a very quick run down on our League , and thanks for your comments on the French match ,hopefully Germany might meet them in the World Cup and do them say 4-0
        also thanks for your comments on Ireland it is a nice easygoing place ok
        but the Munich frauliens are sehr hubsch !!! did I get that right