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World Cup 2018 Qualifiers (Europe)

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  • Originally posted by Nils View Post
    That because Boateng went full angel with his fucking arms...don't ask me why.
    They weren't that bad tho,they kicked out spain remember ?
    Hahah well, I wouldn't look too much into that game if only I weren't aware of such a negative record of the German team vs the Italian NT. Make no mistake, I ain't really talking as an Italian NT fan, in fact I'm wearing a t-shirt with a German flag as I'm typing these lines. :P

    But I've seen that for some reasons Germans always have it difficult vs the Azzurri...despite most often having the better team. Just like in 2012 for instance, I pick the German squad any day of the week as the strongest one yet they looked in shambles vs a pretty weak Italy. Albeit having beaten England, Argentina, Portugal, Holland in such a fashion. Heck, even someone like Balotelli looked like a superstar against them. How's it possible?

    Yes, Italy in 2016 was good under Conte. They had beaten the likes of Belgium and Spain...but they also approached that game without De Rossi, Candreva and Thiago Motta (fundamental up to then) - yet even with Parolo and Giaccherini they gave Germany a hard fight. Sure it is tough but German players face such average players on a weekly basis and they always smash them with relative ease. It always makes me wonder. As if you saw Germany systematically loosing to Netherlands/Spain/England/France...and you don't.


    • Originally posted by Bayer View Post
      Because Italy had a real coach for Euros whereas they had dumb ones for those competitions.

      Anyways never understood why Germany always struggled vs Italy - even during last Euros they made it much more difficult for themselves than it should've been. One of the weakest Italy sides ever vs the World Champions and they almost managed to get out.
      Not a struggle, just bad luck. I think pretty much all of them were really close matches, a lot decided on extra time or penalties. But this happens because they rarely face each other on tournaments, and when it happens, both are usually good/great teams.