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World Cup moments

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  • World Cup moments

    Positive :
    Goal : Rodriguez James vs uruguay
    Match : Belgium Vs US and Germany Vs Brazil
    Player : Rodriguez James stats that matter don't lie 5 games 6 goals 2 assist 3MOTM 9shots only, hard workrate on pitch as well unlike some of the walkers
    Player : Robben became a teamplayer, surprised me
    Player : Muller being Muller and what Mullers do the best.
    Team : Germany being weiltmeister cause of their footbal approach
    Team : Colombia playing nice.
    Team : Chilli attacking footbal also delicious to see at moments

    Referee : Like countries you should qualify to reach the cup, too bad for some continents that they will not deliver any referee then. Seen enough the first game and with latter decisions
    This year was shamefull
    Player : Luis Suarez who flipped once again while his a fucking genius who scores and works like a madman for the team
    Player : Ronaldo, obvious frustated .
    Player : Hazard, just expected more of him
    Player : Messi : could not set fire after the groupstage 0 goals is just not enough for someone who wants to claim peles/maradonas title
    Player : Luis : HAHA
    Teams : Spain,engeland,italy underperformed..Argentina who played like chelsea.

    Biggest dissapointment : No Ribery, No Zlatan, they could obvious brought more to this wc and do some damage.

    Any more things?? share,pics, videos
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    Positive :
    Goal : James Rodriguez vs Uruguay
    Match : Holland vs Spain and Germany vs Ghana
    #1 Player: Lahm. Brought Germany's right side back to life and was crucial in offence and defence (although I'm a bit biased ).
    #2 Player: Robben. Was unplayable in the early stages of the tournament. If he hadn't been marked out in the knockouts, he would have been my #1 for sure.
    #3 Player: Awesome Müller is awesome.
    #4 Player: He's obviously not the 4th best player, but it was a joy to see Andrea Pirlo go out on a high. He was magnificent yet again.
    #1 Team: Germany, of course! Were the best team throughout the tournament. And I was really happy to see that in addition to playing beautifully, they have also learned to win ugly.
    #2 Team: Brazil for being so entertaining.
    Referees: Howard Webb and Nicola Rizzoli were the two best. Really fair decisions.

    Referee: The referees in Group A were disgraceful. Also,, the referee in Brazil-Colombia completely lost control.
    Player: Mario Balotelli. For someone who's supposed to be Italy's most important player, he didn't do much. Really pissed with him.
    Player: Sergio Ramos. Seriously, how did Bayern let this headless chicken boss them so badly?
    Player: Thiago Silva. His stupidity in the Colombia match cost Brazil heavily. Not the kind of thing you would expect from a captain.
    Teams: Italy


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      JL picking his nose just before shaking Ronaldo`s hand after the game vs Portugal


      Raul Meireles giving the finger to the ref (Germany vs Portugal)

      David Luiz proving that he`s worth 60m

      Messi being awarded the Golden Ball

      Juan Zúñiga tackle on Neymar

      Pepe proving that he`s the smartest player around

      Brazilians trying to kill James Rodríguez

      Argentines trying to kill Bastian


      the best team at the moment won the World Cup

      Klose scoring his 16th

      most matches played: Germany 106

      most goals scored: Germany 224

      most hat-tricks: Germany 7

      consecutive top goalscorers scoring at least 5 goals(/team): Germany 4 (2002, 2006, 2010, 2014)

      most medals: Miro Klose (2002-2014)

      most matches won: Miro Klose (2002-2014)

      most tournaments with at least 5 goals : Müller (2010–2014).

      fastest brace scored: 69 seconds - Kroos(vs Brazil 2014)

      most goals scored in a semifinal by one team: I`ll let you guess

      most scorers in a tournament: 121


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          Originally posted by uniqueplayer View Post

          Raul Meireles giving the finger to the ref (Germany vs Portugal)
          It wasn't a middle finger


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            BTW i love this picture cause it looks like hes tryng to take it back...


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              Originally posted by FreeBird View Post


              BTW i love this picture cause it looks like hes tryng to take it back...

              But the reality is completely different, the older man was cheering for Messi to be proud of the award. It didn't look like Messi wanted that award one bit, it looked like he was thinking 'Can i refuse to take this?'


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                Or he was just heartbroken that Argentina lost a goddman world cup final...


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                  Dives and more dives

                  Someone GIF’d Every World Cup Dive In A Stinging Commentary On The Human Condition | SportsGrid


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                      Originally posted by Sumon View Post
                      Or he was just heartbroken that Argentina lost a goddman world cup final...
                      Exactly. Amazing to see how some people are so mean and full of hate.