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Zero tolerance for intolerance

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  • Zero tolerance for intolerance

    Hey all,

    On account of numerous issues that have risen up recently on the sensitive matters of race, ethnicity, and religion, we, the Staff of BayernZone, are compelled to remind everyone that BayernZone cannot and will not tolerate this type of hateful behavior. While §2 of the Forum Rules clearly outlines behavior which is deemed intolerable in these regards, we would like to reiterate once and for all that ethnic prejudice of any type will result in swift action on our part up to and including permanent bans if the transgression is egregious enough. If you have any doubts whatsoever about a statement you're considering making, you should refrain from posting. Ignorance, lightheartedness, and playful joking will not be valid excuses for espousing intolerance.

    On a similar manner, we would also like to firmly remind everyone that religious jokes (including negative comments about traits, tendencies, or beliefs of a religion or its adherents) will also not be tolerated. BayernZone represents a diverse sampling of beliefs including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and many other groups of people. Because of this, we cannot afford to offer any leeway on this matter whatsoever. Too many times have we had members passionately complain to us about how offended they were by a member posting a "joke" that insults their beliefs. As such, we would like to once again direct you to §2 of the Forum Rules:

    §2 No violent, political, religious, racist, xenophobic, sexist, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, pornographic, sexually-oriented or vile posts will be tolerated; neither will personal attacks of any nature. If you want to be respected, you need to show respect for others.
    This article (as well as the others) was part of the stipulations each and everyone one of you agreed to upon signing up for an account here at BayernZone. We firmly but courteously ask that you always keep this in mind when you are posting here. Let this serve as a friendly warning to everyone that the Staff will indeed be enforcing this rule for all members, regardless of their value to the community.

    BayernZone Staff