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  • No Google-translated articles

    Fellow BayernZone members,

    We would like to announce that, starting from today (31 August 2010), we are forbidding the posting of Google-translated articles, by any member.

    These posts are seen as spam, since Google translations are literal and therefore most of the actual meaning is lost after said translation, and thus they don't provide the rest of the forum with actual information.

    If you want to post articles from other sources besides English ones, be it German, Spanish, etc; please translate the articles yourself, otherwise we suggest you don't post. You may translate the title and drop the link if you don't understand the language in which the article is written, but, I repeat, do not post Google-translated articles.

    We will issue warnings to any member that goes against this rule. If said member insists on this practice, it may result in a temporary, or even a permanent forum ban.

    Thank you for your understanding.