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mavros 18-08-2017 18:05

Bundesliga 2017-18 Matchday Thread

Lord Byron 19-08-2017 17:45

What did you guys think of the BVB performance? I liked their game..

Fussballgott 20-08-2017 17:24


dips82 26-08-2017 15:49

Badstuber has scored for Stuttgart in his first game for the club

Grey 26-08-2017 16:09

I love this guy <3

dips82 26-08-2017 17:06


Originally Posted by Grey (Post 521185)
I love this guy <3

Beautiful goal...passionate as usual

roosoo2 09-09-2017 16:26

bundesliga teams are falling further down the hole. other leagues are getting away and pulling far ahead of the bundesliga.

as KHR finally admitted, if the bundesliga wants to become competitive once more and also wishes to compete with other leagues, then they have to abandon this 50+1 rule which puts a ceiling to the development of german clubs.

i'm watching this leverkusen team, who had been a CL-quality team not too long ago, and they are playing like shit. they have not one single quality player in their ranks after they sold the only decent one this season...brandt supposed to be their biggest talent, yet he got subbed after being totally invincible.

team like leverkusen who was been playing and participating in the CL since i can remember, is now becoming a shadow of their former-self; bad boring and talent-deprived.

it is truly alarming.

Ciriaco 09-09-2017 16:30

Dortmund cant beat 10-man Freiburg from the 20th minute....

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Tommy5Rings 13-10-2017 21:23

thread is dead but what a finish in Stuttgart. Penalty disallowed for Koln in stoppage time and Stuttgart grab a winner.

edit: wow almost spoke too soon volley saved from 5 yards out. Best BL match since our away match with Leipzig.

Tommy5Rings 14-10-2017 17:40

el oh el burki, this match gonna be fun

Blackroze 14-10-2017 17:51

That awkward moment when Götze is better than Müller! I personally don't think Müller's issue gonna be solved without him being benched for couple of weeks.

Nils 14-10-2017 17:57

Leipzig 1 up

mea95 14-10-2017 18:22

Hopefully Leipzig will win, and PSG will atleast got a draw on Wednesday and our destiny will lie in our own hands

Blackroze 14-10-2017 18:36

Penalty red against Sokratis. GG WP Lepzig!

Edit: converted. 1-3 for Leipzig. No Werner, no Poulsen.

EM1R 14-10-2017 18:45

In Leipzig we trust

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