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Trim 27-06-2009 13:29

#25 Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller

Full name Thomas Müller
Nationality Germany
Date of birth 13.09.1989
Place of birth Weilheim, Germany
Height 1.86 m
Playing position Midfielder / Forward

René 29-06-2009 15:53

If Van Gaal is really complaining about the amount of players we have, we should loan out Muller.

I really like the kid. His pace. Speed.

But in the end, he'll be better off starting everyday at another club, getting match experience, etc. than to play every now and then with us.

Sure he could play for the reserves, but it ain't really the same thing as to play in a Bundesliga club.

Snake 29-06-2009 16:09

I agree, loaning him out would be ideal for Muller, hopefully he will be back more mature and experienced.

Trim 29-06-2009 17:06

Thomas Müller will wear the number 25 shirt.

Ervine 30-06-2009 14:43

Agreed with the loan part. The kid has a lot of talent and also had a great spell in the current friendlies that we had. If toni stays then we will be having 4 strikers, all worthy of a first team place. Hence it would limit Muller's playing time a lot considering his talent. A loan seems the best option to me too.

spotman 30-06-2009 17:56

He is no doubt a player with potential, but realistically has no place on the 1st team (even as a 4th strike option). He should be loaned out.

Tomas 30-06-2009 18:44

I think it would be stupid not to loan him out. Now that we have Klose back, Gomez, Olic and.... ummmmmmmmmmm.... yeah........ Toni, there isnt room for 5.

Wavy 03-07-2009 22:50

actually i think it would be stupid not to play him. barcelona has got more stars than we do and yet they manage to play krkic in a lot of games, they used to do the same with dos santos, why can't we play him more minutes. i was really pissed of when we loaned kroos and even hummels. we should be giving minutes to these guys and let the grow with us not in other teams.

Trim 04-09-2009 18:43


Thomas Müller has been taking it easy in recent days. The 19-year-old has been diagnosed with sacroiliac joint dysfunction, a condition affecting the base of the spine. “The pain has spread to the hips and the groin,” he reported. He is currently using the break for internationals to rest and release the blocked joint, targeting full fitness in time for next week’s Bundesliga trip to Dortmund.
FC Bayern

Tomas 04-09-2009 18:47

At first I thought it sounded almost like a career ending illness. Hopefully it will go AND stay away.

Tattooedsean 06-09-2009 10:21

hope it doesn't take too long to have him back if he is out any bit of time.

Wavy 15-09-2009 22:11

i haven't heard how kroos is doing in leverkusen but this mueller guy looks like the next best thing to me. he keeps scoring every game.

Trim 16-09-2009 17:35

Hoeness: "He has an excellent shooting technique and is not the type of player who hesitates in front of goal."

"Furthermore, he has great vision and knows exactly what is happening around him."

"I don't want to praise him too much, though. We expected a lot from Michael Rensing as well, and that has not turned out too well so far."

Bayern Munich Chief Uli Hoeness Heaps Praise Upon Thomas Mueller -

SaYeB 16-09-2009 18:05

Deserves a spot in the Starting XI !

René 16-09-2009 19:05


We expected a lot from Michael Rensing as well, and that has not turned out too well so far

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