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BayernLeben 31-07-2009 16:16

Its better for him to focus on his performance and football than to add to speculation. Its funny how Real never made a solid offer yet all of media keeps throwing around amounts Real have offered. I guess its fun for the media to mess with Real's money.

Trim 31-07-2009 18:49

Ribéry set for comeback


Ribéry is hopeful of a comeback in FCB's first home game of the new term against Werder Bremen in two weeks. The Frenchman intends to resume the squad programme next week, he told the "tz" tabloid. "The first Bundesliga fixture in Hoffenheim is too early for me. The home game against Werder on 15 August is more realistic."

He was now in "very good shape," the 26-year-old continued. "There's no problem when I run. I'm not feeling any more pain from the knee. It'll be really good for me when I'm able to train with the team again. I miss the ball, and working out on your own is no fun."

kala 31-07-2009 21:47

Waiting for u Ribery... I think hez one of the best ever, and the media are making much stories and lies about him, I can still remember the day they said he didnt attend the training bec. he wanted to be transferred :S ... They made all the fans hate him, I hate when this happens, are professonal in changing the meaning of conversations or creating unrelated titles to articles :S I HATE THEM...

Snake 03-08-2009 08:21

Kahn: Franck Ribery Is A Diva


The Real Madrid target causes unrest in the German sides' dressing room, according to the former goalkeeper...

Former Bayern Munich 'keeper Oliver Kahn has astonishingly claimed that much-coveted winger Franck Ribery is a disruptive influence on the club and ‘behaves like a diva’.

The mooted transfer of Ribery to Spanish giants Real Madrid has become one of the longest running sagas of the summer, with the players' future still far from clear. Spain reports that the former international goalkeeper believes that followers of the Bundesliga side now find it difficult to sympathise with the 26-year old, after he came so close to leaving the club.

“He behaves like a diva,” thundered Kahn, never one to mince his words.

“He always creates problems in the team, and I see doubts about the capability of the fans of identifying the player with the club.

“He was leaving for Real Madrid, then came back to Bayern, and now everyone is supposed to love him again,” the ex-Bayern man added.

Kahn’s outspoken remarks are unlikely to be well received, given the volatile nature of the protracted transfer negotiations.

Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have also been linked with a move for the former Marseille star, who was named German footballer of the year in 2007/08.
I know this is bullshit, I just wanted to share a laugh with everyone here.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is fake, Kahn wouldnt say such shit towards Ribery.

Trim 03-08-2009 19:48

Ribéry has resumed team training two days earlier than expected.

Trim 04-08-2009 22:09

Ribéry ‘making good progress’


Franck Ribéry buried the first pass right-footed into the bottom left corner, the second left-footed into the bottom right corner, and the third into the roof of the net. “Good Franck!” shouted assistant coach Andries Jonker time and again, praising the Frenchman for each piece of skill, before informing at the end of the session: “It looked pretty good.”

Ribéry last trained with the squad some four weeks ago, before a knee inflammation sent him to the sidelines. The player has spent most of pre-season working away on a tailored rehab programme, but the 26-year-old’s tiresome injury lay-off may soon be at an end.

Most of the players were awarded a day off on Tuesday, but Ribéry joined Ivica Olic, who is on his way back from a knee ligament injury, in a punishing workout focused on shooting practice. “Both of them are making good progress,” reported Jonker. Ribéry and Olic, who twisted his knee on the final day of the summer training camp in Donaueschingen, are likely to resume the squad programme on Wednesday.

Ribéry can hardly wait for that moment. “We reported back on 1 July, but I’ve only been involved in four or five training sessions since then. It’ll do me a lot of good to work out with the team again. I miss the football, and working out by yourself is no fun,” he confessed at the end of last week.

It remains a possibility that either or both of Ribéry and Olic could yet return to the squad for Saturday’s Bundesliga restart fixture away to TSG Hoffenheim. “They’ve trained intensively yesterday and today. We’ll just have to wait and see if there’s any reaction to that," Jonker advised: “Let’s see how they get on when they’re back with the squad.”

Head coach Louis van Gaal said last week he might consider taking Ribéry to the Rhein-Neckar Arena in Sinsheim as a sub. Van Gaal wants the prodigiously skilled player to fill a playmaking role this season, but has been unable to try him out in any of the club’s pre-season friendlies.

Can't wait to see him back in action.

Snake 07-08-2009 13:34

Bayern Munich president Beckenbauer regrets comments about Franck Ribery


MUNICH — Bayern Munich president Franz Beckenbauer says he regrets making comments in which he appeared to question Franck Ribery's commitment.

"I wanted to help him and the opposite came out of it," Beckenbauer said Wednesday, arguing that he meant to voice understanding for Ribery's situation.

"I perhaps made the mistake of using words that were too drastic," he said. "It would have been a bit more elegant to say his roots aren't here, which is true; and then we talked past each other a bit ... and of course I'm sorry about it."

B@v@r3zU 07-08-2009 14:45

It was about time, it was a stupid everybody is happy:D

Snake 08-08-2009 15:56

Real Madrid Reach Agreement With Bayern Star Franck Ribery For 2010


The Spanish press is certain that ‘Scarface’ will become a Blanco in 2010.

According to AS, Florentino Perez has already sealed a deal with Franck Ribery after reaching an agreement with his agent, Alain Migliaccio which will see the Frenchman sign a five-year contract starting in 2010.

The only obstacle that remains now is negotiations with Bayern Munich for the transfer fee and another soap opera is expected to ensue this time next summer.

However, the Madrid-based daily believes that it will be much easier to persuade the Bavarians to release Ribery next year as the player’s contract at the Allianz Arena will expire in 2011, thus giving Los Blancos a massive upperhand in negotiations.

It is reported that an offer of €25 million could be enough for the 26-year-old, as Bayern could be forced to part with their superstar midfielder for nothing if his switch to the Bernabeu is delayed until June 2011.

spotman 09-08-2009 19:53

I saw that this morning as well. I don't know why we don't just sell him now. He's not going to play with any heart this season and we can get double of the amount that we'd get for him next season.

Trim 09-08-2009 21:35

Hoeness: "At the moment Real have more than €800M of debt and I really wonder if they will have a single euro to buy another player next year."

"It's crazy that the papers over there actually believe those stories although the club is €800M in debt."

"If they don't win anything this season the marshal is coming and not Ribery."

"We don't care what Real are doing. I can assure you that Ribery will be a Bayern player after September 1st. There's no price at which we'd negotiate."

freelanz 10-08-2009 00:33

Hoeness makes a really good point. Its interesting to compare the debts of the clubs in different leagues. Bundesliga teams are virtually debt free, whereas England, Spain and Italy seem to have no problem digging themselves enormous holes with transfer fees and whatnot.

It kind of makes you wonder if there will actually be a viable option for us to sell Ribery because of all the big clubs are technically in the Red

Dellas 10-08-2009 09:22

What he forgets to mention tho is next season you guys have no bargaining power when it comes to selling Ribery...if you act like you have this season you will have a player for 2 seasons who isn't playing with any heart and who will leave you for nothing and in the end you will be the big losers.

Perez has a point any small amount can be bid like Ł25 million and you would have to except otherwise lose him for free. He won't sign a new contract if he wants to leave which is evident.

As for the debt of the big clubs...there are others Real aren't the only big team out there...Chelsea can easily afford him.

Trim 10-08-2009 15:41

It's evident that he wants to leave? Oh, really? How do you know? Media reports = bullcrap!

They say he is unhappy, but Ribéry never said so. "My future is not troublesome for me. I am fine." They say he wants to move, but he never said so. "My only goal at the moment is to be back in the Bayern fold as soon as possible."

They've been mentioning Real Madrid offer(s) all summer long, but "Real never offered us money" said Uli Hoeness last week.

FCB decided not to sell him. "Ribery accepted our decision", Nerlinger said. He wouldn't have accepted it if he wouldn't have wanted to stay.

Franck would have been sold if he wouldn't have accepted their decision, because Uli & Co. are not fools. They know it's not worth keeping someone who wouldn't give it all for the team. But, people are unhappy that their dream of seeing Ribéry move from FC Bayern has not been fullfilled. They say FC Bayern has forced Ribéry to stay. Oh, what they say... Uli doesn't give a damn what they say. Even Franck himself doesn't give a damn.

Hey, I don't give a damn either. Lucky me. I will be seeing Franck playing with the Bayern shirt.

Poor fans of other clubs. They will be seeing him playing with the shirt of their teams only in their dreams.

Ribéry is still in Munich and will continue to play for FC Bayern. He hasn't played football for quite some time and I have no doubt he's fired up and ready for success in the new season. "He won't play with heart"? We'll see that once he makes his long-awaited comeback.

Dellas 10-08-2009 17:11

very few players at big clubs come out and say they want to move on...did Alonso? What they say is if xxxx club came in for me it would be hard to say no as it is my dream etc. to play there. Ribery has done the same thing about Real etc. He just hasn't gone against the owners in the media doesn't mean he is happy. He wanted to leave, he can say that through his agent or whomever he as a fan will hope he doesn't want to leave. When you see the club you play for block your options of course you will not come out and say "Bayern aren't letting me leave" accept your fate and like Ronaldo did this season, say you are pleased with your current club, but secretly wish to move on.

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