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Originally Posted by rohr View Post
He rainbow dribbled the fuck out of Pogba (who had an immense game btw).

He had a good game given the circumstances and I can't blame him for the draw.
Pogba was the best player on the pitch yesterday. I stated in another thread, that i didnt think it was the best game for Kimmich. He had a very good 1st 1/2 when we played Bayern futbol. He fits prefect into that mold as as a possession player calm on the ball. But when he faced some adversity yesterday we wasn't as calm. Could have been his teammates not putting him in the best of situations on both goals, too big of a game for a youngster, out of position at CB rather than CDM, etc. I really like his future... but his future shouldn't be at CB in any meanigful game going forward regardless of injuries.
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