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Originally Posted by Bayer View Post
I LOVE Vidal! I don't care about that penalty he missed. Plenty of our stars missed important penalties. Won't blame it on him. You only commit mistakes if you're there. And like him or not, but when there's a battle and it gets tough, Arturo will be there, no matter what. Sure he'll commit a mistake from time to time, but as said, only those who hide from the pitch will be free from that.

And another thing is that he always shows up on the biggest stage. Some would say "yeah but he got a red card", but they seems to forget he was the only midfielder who really did something against Real Madrid.

Like I said many times when you have to do the work for 3 (as much as I like Thiago, he dissapeared against Real), then offcourse you gonna make mistakes. A slow and past it alonso with a Thiago who crumbled or just didnt show up, Vidal was the only midfielder really.
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