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Originally Posted by OnlyInsider View Post
I dont agree about Vidal only showing up one game a season. And I will take a player like Vidal over Thiago everyday of the week.

Thiago is great and I love him dont get me wrong, but Vidal is for me the most complete midfielder in the World and games like this tonight shows that pretty clear.

To me Vidal is not a wild Card neither. The red card he got against Real Madrid was also his first red card for Bayern ever
1 red card in the only match he played with full effort? That's not something to brag about

I agree he's a complete midfielder who does everything well, that's why he was really one of my favorite players in the world back in Leverkusen. Unfortunately the Vidal today doesn't given 1/2 the effort he gave back when he was in the BuLi the first time. He's fundamentally less willing to try as hard as he used to, at least in the league. If that attitude doesn't change, he's not going to be here for long. But as I said, I want Sanchez here - among many other reasons - to help get the best out of Vidal. We both know what he's capable of, but he's seriously failing to show it at Bayern. So if Sanchez is what it takes to see an A-grade Vidal, then let's bring him!
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