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Originally Posted by Grey View Post
What you are saying absolutely flies in the face of modern consensus. Wingers traditionally age out far earlier than CMs precisely because a winger's "engine" is more necessary for the position. You have many different examples of career wingers moving to CM when they got older (Giggs, for example). The idea that one's "ball handling speed" drops before one's actual speed does is not founded in any fact.
See Grey what I mean is a Winger can turn up for 20-30 minutes and get a goal. Attackers have this advantage that their general play is often excused with a goal or assist. CM's are expected to play up and down, with a big engine and play 90 minutes.

Giggs is a different case as in he played way too long and did not have the speed to even play 20-30 minutes as a Winger. So naturally the CM Position which can manage with a slower was where he was shifted. I am not saying Ball Handling Speed drops, I think off the ball speed drops far earlier, Ball Handling Speed actually stays decent for a long while.

What I am saying is that a Winger can be more injury prone or play 30-40 minutes with age and still make the difference. For a CM it is different
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