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Originally Posted by Garci View Post

We don't need a Dortmund at home, when we have a Real Madrid in Europe who beat us in our own turf twice in a row. This should light a fire under our board's ass to never let it happen again - hell, it should never have happened in the first place. That should be drive enough to push our team to the absolute limit. If winning the league is putting a damper on that, then the fault is not on the lack of a Dortmund, but on the lack of ambition on our board.
but don't you think not having a strong league, not only dortmund, is a huge determinant to our failure in europe, against spanish teams to be more precise.

in spain, madrid plays every week with high intensity, not only because they face better opponents. but also, losing points is taboo, they have to keep up with barcelona and sometimes with atletico also.

bayern on the other hand, they can play all season on cruise control, and still end up the season winning the league with big margin. that can create a false sense of security, and make the team/players look much stronger than they really are.
for example, if someone used to deadlift 100kg but for almost a year, he started to deadlift much lower weight(let's say 50kg) for some reason. and when he tries to deadlift 100kg, by that time his body and muscles got used to deadlift 50kg only, thus he will struggle to do so.

and that's what is happening to bayern for the last couple of years. cruising all season, without any real challenge for the league. players don't put 100% every game, cause 75% is enough. no need for intensive play most of the games. and when we suddenly face spanish team, we panic.
the match starts, and we start losing easy balls, missing easy passes and giving the ball in our half, and panicking every time we come anywhere close to their box. that's exactly what happened in the first half against atletico barcelona and madrid. they start game focused, playing in the 5th gear, and playing with intensity as they are used to every week. on the other hand, bayern start the game in their usual first gear, playing without any intensity, missing easy passes combined with horrendous crossing. and by the time we reach the 5th gear and start coping with the intensity of their game, it's too late. atlteico has already scored the goal they wanted, and barca managed to create countless one-on-one opportunities.
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