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Originally Posted by mea95 View Post
"Not for ridiculous amount of money" is a ridiculous statement

The market is crazy atm , you can't get world class players if you don't pay enough

And the funny thing is that we have enough money to buy another club , not only some world clas players

We need a world class attacker and it's obvious ... Lewa got injured against Real and Ribery is out of gas after the 60th minute so our attack died
Is this something acceptable for a club like Bayern? Not having a reliable top class LW for big matches and a backup for the striker position?

We need '1' world class attacker , only 1
Paying 60 m and make the team complete should not be something hard for Bayern
I'm not saying to go crazy in transfers like Real Madrid or Man Utd , but at least spend the money when needed to
Isn't it funny how everyone wants to be a market regulator these days? I mean, I saw the other day Nottingham Forest has broken their record signing by signing a complete unknown dude for 20 million. Gone are the days when you could get a Ribery with 24 Mmillion and a Roben for 25 (or however much he cost).

The problem is some of the guys here think that we are against these youngsters coming in, and they think we don't rate their talent. Yes, Gnabry is extremely talented, and maybe in 2-3 years he will be a world beater, but will Lewandowski stay here for 3 years without competing in the CL (remember Ballack)? Winning the BL has become routine for Bayern and it doesn't matter much at this point seeing as every season we are expected to win it. They might as well hand us the trophy before the league begins.

The thing is, you cannot rely on 21 year olds to win the CL unless their name is Messi. You can argue that the BuLi is just as important, but the reality is that it isn't. You can lie to yourself all you want. You are not a top club unless you win the CL, and you cannot win the CL unless you spend big.

Another issue is that some of you think we are calling for a total overhaul of our team. We're not. We only want to strengthen the positions we're the weakest, and currently our weakest positions are the wings. Gnabry and Coman won't solve this problem. Buying a cheap ass player like Costa (which wasn't very cheap mind you) won't do that either. If we let the Leroy Sanes and the De Bruynes slip of our hands because we're cheap is inexcusable. At least for me.
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