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Forum updates

Hey everyone,

Following a worldwide trend of "the new people in charge break everything with their dumb ideas", we figured we'd try our hand at updating the forums to make them more enjoyable for everyone as well as improving usability. What we've changed is as follows:
  • New layout!
We've shuffled the forums around in order to facilitate discussion.
  • The Lounge and Predictions have been moved together with the Announcements and Support sub-forums in a "General" (i.e. non-football related) sub forum.
  • The Players forum has been overhauled. Previously, all talk about previous players and coaches was relegated to a single thread, which could get messy. We thought that could be improved, so now there's a Hall of Fame sub-forum, where all old threads from the Players and Coaches forum is moved to.
    This means that if you want to discuss Schweinsteiger, you can continue doing so in his old thread, instead of having to lump it together with any ongoing discussions about Guardiola, Götze, or even Van Buyten.
  • The Football Talk forum was renamed and reorganized. While the Bundesliga retains its own subforum, we decided to split the "World Football" subforum into more manageable categories.
    You can now discuss European Leagues on their own subforum, and even create a thread for your favourite league if you'd like, no matter what league as long as it's UEFA. Then there is a subforum for the rest of the world, same rules - no longer lumping all talk from a whole continent into a single thread. Finally, there's a forum for international games, relating to national teams and their competitions.
    The old threads have been moved around, but we encourage you, the user, to create threads for the different leagues/competitions you want to discuss.
  • Games have been grouped together behind the scenes. This is in preparation for a future update, in order to get them on a semi-regular schedule.
    As a reminder, the games are currently Miss BZ, BZFL, and Predictions - if you have any ideas, do pitch them! We also intend to bring back the Hot Seat in a more interesting fashion. Seeing as Predictions is still active, it is separate from the rest for now.

We understand that the new layout can be a bit confusing at first, and all change is hard. All we ask is that you give it a whirl, and let us know any improvements which can be made.
  • Squad numbers cleanup
We took a long hard look at the current list of Squad Members and updated the list. If you want to change your current number, take a look and ask!

A special note: the number 7 has been retired in honor of Trim, the former owner of the site, who used to have that number. Much like in clubs around the world, the number will forever be linked to him, and is his to wear. If he decides to come back, his new account will be granted that number. Otherwise, the number will go unworn.
That is all for now. Play around with the new layout and give as much feedback as you can!
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