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Originally Posted by Zorz View Post
maybe so, but I think as the fourth CB he's an acceptable option (read: comparable to having some mediocre CB in his place). I don't think any club can have four really good CBs, moreso because defense is a part of the team you don't really want to rotate too much.
There’s a big issue with that though if Boateng is sold. Assuming we get Pavard... that makes a backline of Pavard, Hummels, Sule. With no backup CB. The only option as a backup is a DM. So 1 injury (which pretty much there’s a 89% chance of having) then Javi is starting with no backup option. Mai isn’t ready to get regular if we sell Boateng, Pavard coming in is a must. And another CB is needed. Sell some of the midfielders we have for space. There’s no reason we don’t have space if we sell, Boateng, Bernat, Vidal.
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