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Originally Posted by Blackroze View Post
I don't really understand where his problem lies. I think class is permanent and form is temporary and our little lovely 21-22 year old David is in there somewhere. His form of late might lack because he felt success at a very young age, like what I think happened with Götze in WC 2014. It might be because of extracurricular activities he has, or it might be because of lack of real competition within the squad. I'm against selling him, we just have to rediscover this guy somehow.

Buy a decent competition for his position, let go of Bernat and see how things develop. If anything good comes out very nice, if not we can move on.
Unfortunately Götze had health problems which contributed to his loss of form -- and somehow Bayern medical team failed to diagnose, how ridiculous.

Alaba did not have the same excuse. I got that he was injured here and there, but this is still different compared to Götze.
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