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Originally Posted by mavros View Post
I have a strange feeling we will be punished for the whole shitty season we had right from the beginning!

The shittiest of the decade!

Frankfurt is a very good team and they will give it all to keep us away from the title.

If we are not concetrated in the game and show our bad face on the pitch it wouldn't be that difficult to lose.
Esp. with that kind of shitty defence we have and probably Ulreich between the sticks!

Hope i'm wrong though....
Simply not true, the 2010-2011 season was easily the worst in recent times, and second behind only 06-07 since I started following Bayern, we were in danger of missing the CL with like three games to play and finished 3rd! But I agree that this season hasn't been all that great.

I am fairly confident we will get at least a point from this game and lift the shield.
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