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Originally Posted by micky View Post
On what do you base the argument that they're all available?

I, for one, are happy with Ulreich being the 2nd keeper. He's no Reina, that's for sure, but he's still good enough for the role.
I wish you'll be equaly happy after seeing him performing in Bernabeou or Camp Nou, but I'm sure you won't be!
Neither do I, of course!

Also, did we even bother to check if any one of those is available?
What I mean to say is that our board do not show the proper interest in the buck up keeper position.
It's a very serious matter for any team!

I'm sure that if Pep wasn't here we wouldn't have sign Reina, neither!
It just happened because he was available and he declared his interest for Bayern because Pep was here!
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