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Originally Posted by mavros View Post
I will play the bad guy for one more time....

We chose for one more time a Β class goalkeeper from inside Germany while Zieler, Trapp, Leno, Fahrmann, Sommer etc. are better and available.

I have stated many times that any big team must have 2 top class goalkeepers.

Three years ago before we sign Starke I suggested we should buy, Ter Stegen or Trapp and the most members of this forum had the opinion that all the talented young keepers should be in a team that they would have more playing time and gain experience, and not in Bayern as Neuer's back up.

Then, last year M.A.T.S was transfered to Farca as the 2nd tier goalkeeper behind Claudio Bravo.
And you know what, he played all the CL and the Spanish cup games as a starter, he evolved magnificently and won the treble among other things....

It's obvious that M.A.T.S didn't deserve to be in Bayern's bench, but I guess for Farca's it's ok!

As for Bayern, lets sit back watching how big teams are build, and make all our prayers for Manuel not to get injured before a crucial CL knock out game (like we did while Starke was on the bench), so that we won't get eliminated!

I usually do the bad-guy thing too. I think our board's frugality, in most cases, is touching plain stupidity. Money should be on the field, not in the bank, period.

In this case, however, I have to disagree. We cannot do a MAtS/Bravo thing because Neuer is one of the team's leaders and he would never accept that. Neuer wanted to play even when he was injured, even for stupid BuLi games with close to 0 shots on target.
Pepe Reina was, in my opinion, perfect for that role. He was probably the best GK who was fine with being benched for a full season, despite being able to play as a starter for most European teams. But, he wants to leave and we can't keep him tied up in Allianz Arena. Zieler/Trapp/Sommer/the rest are starters in their very good teams .. why would they accept staying on our bench, even for a slightly higher wage? They can play in both CHL & BuLi .. they can play up to 50 matches per season in their respective clubs. Why would they accept to come here? The one I think would be a great signing would be Roman Burki but he chose Dortmund, where he can play cup matches and leave the league games to Langerak or sth like that. He'll still get more playtime than what he would get here.

On the other hand, like I said in the beginning: I think our board's frugality, in most cases, is touching plain stupidity. Meaning, we could use a world-class winger, a world-class CM and a world class RB and if the board won't sign them because the sum would go over 80m, then we can do the "bad guy" thing again.
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