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Originally Posted by mavros View Post
I never said we should do a Bravo/Ter Stegen thing mate.
Im sure neither Farca's intention was something like that.
They bought M.A.T.S to cover the buck up keeper position.
The matter came out in progress. It was something Louis Enrique dicided out of schedule.

My point is that our back-up keeper should be a quality one.
Someone that won't be average and that will accept to be Neuer's back up' Like Reina did last year!

You think that we can't find anyone?
MAtS wouldn't leave if he wasn't guaranteed a nr of matches in Barca. And by the way, he is better than Bravo - why would they have a better backup than the first-choice? They both were bought in the same transfer window - coincidence?
Yes, I know we should have found a new Reina or do our best to keep the old Pepe Reina. I'm simply saying, getting a top quality GK that may play a total of 0 minutes over a season is kinda hard.
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