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Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
With the right coach Davies can be a cornerstone for more than a decade.

Alphonso Davies vs Olympiacos

60 passes
88% pass accuracy
3 shots
3 dribbles won
4 tackles won
3 interceptions
1 clearance
1 aerials won

19 years of age. Feeling more and more comfortable on that left-back position.


This guy is a revelation.
You all see what I had been saying about him manning that wing.
And the fact that Alaba cost Bayern several defeats and lost opportunities By his poor handling of that wing.

Davies does not allow an attacker come in unchallenged at that wing. Never ! He covers any threat coming from there remarkably
Coming in from left back, you need to answer to Davies and prove why he must let you pass.

That’s what Bayern needs on that wing.
I hope the coaches permanent Davies on that position. He has greatly improved our attacking threat coming from that wing as well.

Auf Gehts Davies.

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Originally Posted by Grey View Post
Fair, I suppose we're saying the same thing at the end of the day. What prompted my response was the implication that Niko Kovac wasn't the only (or perhaps even largest) problem at the club. It may very well be the case that Bayern make an enormous leap in quality as soon as we have a competent coach (insert your favorite of ETH, Mourinho, Wenger, or Allegri). Again, I don't believe that is necessarily going to happen, but we've had a long period of vastly underperforming given the quality of our personnel. I really believe that switching coaches will solve that problem, and Hansi's shaky start does nothing to change that view for me
Well it seems our brass are going for Wenger.
The tabloids are reporting it’s pretty much a done deal.

I’m not happy.
I am not happy to be under Wenger. I couldn’t even tell my wife what has just happened. She will laugh at me. So I won’t tell her.

My friends ( Arsenal fans I taunted for years) what do I tell them now.
How do I explain this. That their coach is now so good to be my coach.
Men, i never believed this was gonna happen.
But since everyone feels this is the best ( still can’t understand why Wenger ) and the guts to deny Mourinho who can give us the UCL with a starting above 85% possibility to a Wenger with a perceived starting chance of 35%.

Well Iv said enough. Let the tidal waves carry my small boat along.
There is nothing I can do about this.

Auf Gehts Bayern.
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I ran out of charact
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Wasn't a great game last night but honestly I'm quite satisfied, I think many fans had unrealistic expectations.

We have played bad football under a bad coach for nearly 18 months, the issues built into the squad couldn't have been fixed in a matter of 3 training sessions. Yeah we weren't great, but I thought we were a lot better than under Kovac.

We put together some promising attacks but our finishing let us down, I also thought we seemed a lot more defensively solid which is impressive given that we had a LB and CDM as CB's and a winger as a LB. It's early days but it seemed like a step in the right direction, we actually managed to keep a clean sheet and seriously limit their chances.

We're through to the next round and that's what counts, Mia San Mia
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As far as I know, there are like 3 teams who made 6 wins out of 6 in CL group stages. Given the fact that Tottenham is the last game and it is at Allianz Arena and there is still time for the new coach to settle in, we might get a 6/6. That would be funny to go down in history with this kind of performance and coach/coachlessness/new coach.
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