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Old 19-10-2018, 15:33   #991
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Btw I forgot something. Towards the end, he says you know the Bayern. We are like family and we will support our players, like families do. Needless to say some minutes before this moral bar setting, he roasted Bernat to justify this shitty transfer of 5 millions to PSG. He literally and not metaphorically threw Bernat under the bus because of maybe some mistakes he did in the game. We've gotta wait and see when Rafinha or Ulreich or whoever commits the next mistake will be under Uli-bus.
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We are the laugh of the town.
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Originally Posted by micky View Post
Someone should buy Uli a mirror. Mirrors for all board member in fact.
Mist, not dreck. His bad. They know. Classic Uli bantz lads.
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Nils (19-10-2018)
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Originally Posted by Blackroze View Post
At least he sat there like a normal human being and was engaged in a mutual conversation with a cool head. Uli was attacking like a leash-less animal left and right. He did not even let his counterpart in conversation to speak up and tell what he really wants. Then he says we are in a democratic environment. How can someone be this ignorant? At this point, I think he play dummy to further implement his agenda, no one can be this stupid.
I just dont like KHR taking the victim role as well, but yes agreed after seeing the interview myself. Uli just act like he always does
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Originally Posted by Bayer View Post
Of course our FO knows very well what's going on, they're aware of the fact their choices haven't paid off at all lately. This Press-conference was nothing but an utterly desperate attempt to somehow save the season and to protect the players, to show them some sort of support but deep inside if they do so they know very well the media are right otherwise there simply would be no need whatsoever to show this sort of reaction. Reacting in such a fashion proves exactly you've been hit where it hurts the most. They lost the plot and they know that.

This today was demonstration of their failure...and they just expose themselves in the most miserable way there is.

They were ridiculed by the press. They are all laughing at them today.

Arguing against the bashing of some players by the press by they were the first one to fucking mock Ozil publicaly about his performances although its none of their fucking business.

They realise they have failed miserably...and they tried today to change the narative and make it look like we are all blind. But they failed even more so. And I am glad they did this today. Its circus. And no one even believes them anymore.

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Bayer (19-10-2018), Sakujo (19-10-2018)
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Body language of Hoenonsenss says it all. Now it's a matter of how much will we wait for him to step out, I guess a lot.
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Interesting insight by Michel Munger of Straight Red.
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You'd like that, äh?
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"Another example, Mr Falk, as Niko Kovac and Hasan Salihamidzic attended the Basketball game last week, I wasn’t there in the moment they were saluted. I don’t know if 1, 2, 3 or 5 people actually booed, those could’ve possibly been the Turks (the Turkish fans from the other team) doing so. But what did the Springer-Verlag (the publisher) do? They asked Telekom whether it was possible to have the sequences of the boos in order to post it. It’s a complete joke!"

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franz (19-10-2018), L4nd3r (Yesterday), mea95 (19-10-2018), Sakujo (Yesterday)
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This club is going in wrong way... sad...
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