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European club league

Are we really heading towards having such a competition?

Whichever top league you take into the consideration, you see a huge gap between the top 2-3 teams and others. It's like very elite teams which you kinda expect to be champions every year are feeding on smaller teams and as a fan you have to wait a few weeks to finally see a game that really matters. Don't get me wrong upsets do happen from time to time but there are match-ups that are decided before entering the pitch.

A European club league, in my opinion, consists of elite teams like CL but unlike it, it will be held on weekly basis and league format. The CL itself can be like the Pokal of that league. It will be very entertaining, because this week you might have Bayern versus City and next week against Real Madrid! For starters you might invite 4 teams from each top 5 leagues and then 1 team from other nations based on whatever European point system we currently have. Then every year relegations happen and new faces will be introduced and those who did not perform have to prove themselves once more to compete in this competition.

This format as entertaining it might be, has some (virtual) drawbacks. I have to answer that with several statements.

1) "This will concentrate the money around this league and the normal national leagues will be destroyed".
It's not like leagues are not in shambles right now. Elite teams have long ago separated themselves from the lesser clubs and if nothing like PSG and City money injection happens it will remain the same. Because these clubs have funds, and they will get the best TV deals and will get the best players, they will continue to ride. Clubs like Monaco and Dortmund might occasionally happen every now and then, but they will be torn apart by the economically mightier teams. At least we, as fans, do not have to watch mid table and bottom table teams get destroyed 5-0 every week.

2) "It will ruin the national league competitions".
I don't think so. Since every year there will be relegation, champions of every league get a chance to compete for a place in EUCL. So everybody still has the passion to go higher in ranks just as a normal league might be. It's not like right now mid and bottom table teams have a lot to offer in terms of challenging for a title spot.

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Nah thats kinda dumb
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I like the idea...
If you ever played fifa'99 there was a tournament like that...
There were two groups of ten teams.

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I think changes will happen in some time. First it will be this fifa tournament where every club gets 60 mil just for participating then we can see some changes in the CL in the future like the juve president said increasing by 8 games or something similar so that the big clubs can make more money, i think national league will decrease a little bit from 18-20 to 14-16 teams in order to achieve that
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Soon we will have a new member named "BigKarlHRsexyknees" explaining how great a Euro Super League would be
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